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Possibly new been reading your mgs and dipping in and out for about a year

I have been having lots of joint pains, palpitations, brain fog, night terrors, joint pains, migraines, confusion, but the main problem has been recurrent pseudo gout for about four years since, even have had severe diverticulitis diagnosed at Easter. I have had to wait seven months for a consultant led apt in Oxford despite two urgent referrals. I have tried to chase appointment on various days, by email, phone calls doctor visits etc.

I have had a bad flare up some days climbing up on the stairs on hands and knees but according to my doctor the trouble with me I'm impatient..........................

she said I'm trying to blame everybody else.............

Would like to know if there is a support group in Oxford area?

I have had several blood tests yesterday so hopefully next week I might get some feedback.......I will wait and see.

Thank you for reading to the end of this long message I appreciate that you have taken the time to do that.

Cheers all Merry Christmas

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Yup, it can be a good long wait I'm afraid, and even when you've been seen there is still a wait, whilst they figure out tests, and what to do.

I waited well over a year, and had to beg to be referred. Hopefully your bloods will be useful. Mine weren't initially as I am sero negative, and initially had no signs of inflammation. Later I got all sorts of noticeable problems, like rashes, high inflammatory markers and swollen joints.

Rheumatology is very good in Oxford (once you're in) I believe.

Good luck.

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Well your Dr clearly needs to take a crawl in your shoes for just one hour... and then we'd see who's impatient!! Darn I am so fumingly indignant on your behalf - flaming cheek!!!

Sorry I'm nowhere near Oxford.

All the best


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Dear Tinkerbell1959,

Sorry to hear that you have been struggling to get your referral to see a consultant. If you have any concerns, please do give the Helpline a call on 0800 298 7650 (they're open 9.30-4.30 Mon to Fri).

There is an NRAS support group in Oxford which meets at the Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre (NOC) on Tuesdays every other month. Their first meeting of 2017 will be on 10th January . You can read more about the group here: or do give Kim/Gill in the NRAS office a call on 01628 823524 and they can tell you more about it.

Best wishes



Oh wow, I'm so sorry you are in alot of pain. While waiting for your blood test results, please find a new doctor and get a 2 nd or 3rd opinion as you do not need to be told that you are blaming others!! You desereve to be treated with respect.

I was told by 3 different doctors that my feet were painful, swollen and deformed because I wore fashionable pointed shoes back in 1986!! I actually started to believe that my shoe size 8 grew to a size 12 because I grew up poor in the 1970's.

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