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Wanted to say thank you everyone


I just thought I would post this to say thank you to everyone on this forum. I was diagnosed in September having thought there was nothing much wrong. So partly a shock but as my gran had RD not totally unexpected.

I joined another forum initially who shall remain nameless. I found most responses to my posts involved very unsympathetic people telling me that they were old hands and my issues were nowhere near as bad as theirs or people with osteo telling me I had it easy. All I wanted were simple answers to questions. How different on here where people have been really supportive and informative. I've learnt a lot from others in similar positions and the "old hands" on here have been nothing but a fabulous source of support. Happy Christmas, Happy Holidays to you all xxxxxx

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Hi we are all a happy bunch here well happy as can be and we all help each other out and understand what we are all going through with our illnesses , Merry Christmas and happy New Year to you too xxx


Hi I have had ra for over 20 years now( it started when I was 18) and I have only just in the last week joined in this website........omg....what took me so long.....???!!...it has been so helpful and support has been amazing......I totally agree.......I don't feel so alone anymore......

AgedCrone in reply to Phoo2

I like the sense of humour here,

We have It we don't have it .....we all just get on with it!

Nobody whinges....well not much......I hope we all put in our two penny's worth & if it only helps one other person .....we're on the right track!

Yes I also find this forum uniquely lacking in misguided egos and one-up-manship. Plus a huge source of strength, level-headedness with some rye humour sprinkled it.

Yeah, a BIG THANK YOU to you folks out there from me also.


Great resource - diagnosed recently was in denial as thought my healthy lifestyle would go a long way. Just started methotrexate today 6 tablets - as someone who never takes tablets I was delaying taking them until my sister (twin) said I must. All done now - sorry to come across pathetic but it was hard for me. Love to know if anyone else has reservations !

Em13 in reply to Hessie5

It's not pathetic, but quite normal I would say, given the potential side effects!

It's horrible taking meds every day and relying on them........when I was first diagnosed I refrained for about 10 years!!!!!i was really into alternative remedies...... Looking back tho .......I wonder why I waited so long.........suffered a lot.........but I think it's quite normal to not want to admit to yourself that you need meds..........ra is tough.........but I hope u feel better soon


What a lovely post :) Merry Christmas!!!

Thank you Gretchy, knowing we are not alone and there are people who understand is a great help., Have a wonderful Christmas.

I was a moderator on a very high traffic Forum for a few years so I know only too well what makes for a supportive inclusive platform.

I always compare my first experiences on here with a post I put on a motoring Forum asking a question regards my husband having a car accident that wasn't his fault.

Within minutes the abuse I got was shocking , really appalling , misogynistic and egotistical. I gave them a mouthful about their dreadful Forum etiquette and withdrew removing myself from membership immediately.

I think anyone who tried it here would be popped back into their box pretty quickly.

So a very merry Christmas to you Gretchy, we are very glad you like it here.


Well said. It's nearly a year since I started with this game of RA and this forum has been a great source of comfort and practical help.

All the very best to us all !


I too have only been on the rollercoaster of symptoms/diagnosis/meds and side effects for three years,and I only found this website by pure chance one day - but I've never looked back. It took me a while to pluck up the courage to 'speak' to people I didn't really know,but after reading and watching some of the previous posts,I knew I was 'safe' as it were. I've found nothing but truly sincere people on here who are only more than willing to answer any questions you may have,and if they don't know the answers,then you'll find quite a few will either suggest a way of finding the answer or actually do it for you. I've learnt so much about my conditions just from being on here,usually questions that I never got the answers to from my so called medical support,and I've found it my number one 'go to' if I start thinking about something new relating to my conditions/meds.

I'm glad that yet another genuine soul has found this site to be as welcoming as I did.

Happy Christmas everyone,and let's hope it's as relaxed and enjoyable as it's always advertised as on TV 😝

Nicki x

Happy New Year to you all. Here's to a positive 2017.

Thank you for all your encouraging replies - sorry for my late reply too.

I took sometime out, since my diagnosis find more me time as before on a constant roll. Perhaps there was a reason for my diagnosis (just trying to be positive now). I came across this video, thought I would share it just in case some of you may not have come across it. It was created in 2010. I found it very helpful - a good learning curve. Watch “Rheumatoid Arthritis” on Vimeo: vimeo.com/50069952?ref=em-s...

Nice cup of tea - sit back and relax.

Virtual hug 🤗- Hessie

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