Funny injuries that aren't funny

No, this is not the title of a bad sitcom.

Last night, whilst laying in bed, I was holding my iPad up above my face to watch a short video. I dropped the iPad and it hit the side of my face, right by my jaw (the worse side) and I now have a small graze. I didn't get much sympathy which was upsetting because it's obviously a serious injury. It's not quite as serious as a paper cut but more serious than a stubbed toe. If you're interested, the video was about a dog playing the piano. He wasn't very good at it.

Please feel free to share your stories and cheer me up in the process. ;)

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  • I have done this a few times. So you have my sympathy! as well as amused giggle!

  • I'm sure there's a good argument for a iPad cushion but I wanted to hold it up!

  • Oh no! I hate it when you're at death's door & nobody cares! it would be your worst side wouldn't it? I can't think of any recent funny stories but I did get stuck in the bathroom because I couldn't turn the door knob to get out.... & there was nobody at home to let me out. I'd only gone in for a wee as well. Wasn't funny at the time but it is in retrospect. Needless to say later that day lever handles were ordered.

  • Ohh that's my worst nightmare. I remember when I was about 8, I got locked in my friend's house in the toilet. I'm shuddering at the memory. I take my phone with me anywhere I go now!

  • Okay here goes: last year when I was in bed with pneumonia, the GP I used to nickname Eye Candy Andy, came over at the request of my husband, just after I'd passed out briefly, while making soup. He took my pulse and my temperature etc and declared me to be malnourished (a first for me!). He went off to wash his hands and slipped and almost fell on an unusual looking dog toy sitting on the floor by bedroom doorway.

    He looked down at this long green transparent rubber sausage with round balls on the end as I exclaimed "oh I'm sorry - that's the dog's toy!" but the dogs were up in the car so no sign that we actually had any. He grinned back at me knowingly and I suddenly realised that to him it looked like a sex toy!!

    I suggest from now on you stick to magazines and paperbacks Crashdoll where horizontal activities viewing are concerned.πŸ˜œπŸ˜πŸ™ƒ

  • HA HA HA HA HA HA HA - That is the best laugh I have had for a few days! Thanks Twitchytoes

  • I now only use soft splints on my hands/wrists overnight for the same sort of reason.... on diagnosis I was advised to wear the harder,boned type splints at night to try and help my wrists. It seemed like a good enough idea,and a pair were purchased from my Physio - they lasted all of three nights,as after trying to pull the covers up in bed when asleep,I managed to miss holding the cover,and promptly smacked myself in the face,not too hard,but hard enough to wake me up and also give me a black eye,needless to say I didn't bother with them after that little incident 😳.I'm also the only person I know that can fall over while just standing talking to someone.... I always thought I was clumsy beforehand, but the combination of all of my conditions,and the medications too mean that I should be wrapped in bubble wrap every waking moment 😝.

  • Thank goodness that I am not the only one to suffer an iPad injury! I have mine in an otterbox, almost military grade cover. The great thing is you can drop it out a two story building onto concrete and it won't break. The bad News is doing the same as crashdoll and dropping it on your nose! Cue bloody nose, streaming eyes and subsequent crashing into walls and door frames trying to find your way to the bathroom to get cold flannel onto smashed nose! 😳😀

  • Wearing a very expensive and posh long skirt I went to the loo, as you can probably guess the underskirt got tucked in my knickers , the hold everything in type and as I was in a rush, I carried on walking out the door while straightening my skirt . WELL Bang ! no pain as no nerves in the left toes as had them removed with the Mortons, but 3rd toe at right angles to the big toe and the 4th toe sort of sideways on. So I walked into the kitchen pulled one toe straight (again it did not hurt) then the 4th toe sort of felt weird so husband called off the golf course and a bit annoyed. He said if its not broken I'll jump on it!! lol Off to local A&E as on Riveroxaban and thats what they tell you to do as they have to check and treat accordingly. Joke on him it was badly broken in 2 places and had to be strapped up after X-rays and so no housework for 3 weeks. Bruised to the ankle thats what really hurt, even when lying on the sofa with wine and chocolate !!! lol xx

  • Oh and last Wednesday. Teeing off at golf. First six holes no problem. The seventh tee box still had frost in in. So full swing, I did a triple sulco and pirroette that would have done torville and dean proud. Lost my footing and went down the bank of the tee box. My ball went off at 45 degrees nearly braining my partner and I had to walk off. and two days off work with a stained back and hip!

  • My husband plays at golf he's come home with injuries that would do a boxer proud. No idea how but perhaps the 19th tee ???? lol xxx

  • Pooh! Perish the thought. Us husbands always come straight home after golf to see if you have any jobs around the house you want doing.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‰

  • I once got my magnificent boobs trapped in the doors of a bus as they were closing. The bus driver nearly had a heart attack, through laughing so much. Arse!

  • Sorry to laugh, Nettie, but this is great. You win!

  • Ooh good. What did I win? πŸ˜„

  • Gosh the mind boggles - Methinks I would have nearly 'died ' from embarrassment if it happened to me. Thanks for that wishing you well Carol xxx

  • My current flare-up? Started right after I stubbed my pinky toe on a door jam.

    Thank goodness that getting bonked on the nose with my iPad Mini in bed doesn't have the same result, or else I'd be in even bigger trouble than I already am now...

  • My friend recently bought the iPhone 7 plus, the really big one. She was holding it over her face in bed like the second day of owning it and she dropped it on her mouth and broke one of her front teeth - right in half. Also cracked the phone screen. Had to go to emergency dentist and get a cap put on. Truly horrific... And kind of hilarious. (She laughs about it too!)

  • Oh no, ouchie! That is horrible, poor thing.

  • A few years ago, when I was in Tenerife, I was laying face down on a sun bed,enjoying the sun a good book & an apple. A gecko came out of nowhere went for my apple missed & got my finger, I jumped the sun bed collapsed I ended up bashing my chin which led me to bite my lip & tongue. Resulting in a bleeding mouth a bleeding finger & a heavily bruised chin!! So there I was dancing around the collapsed sun bed holding my mouth whilst trying to hold on to my bikini πŸ‘™ top. Really not a good look πŸ‘€

  • Sounds like a great holiday, bet you can't wait to go back!

  • Last Saturday I bent into the car and managed to head butt the door frame and made myself feel sick and dizzy for a bit. I had a lump and a bruise. Not good! Although my husband was very sympathetic. ☺

  • Two falls for me last week! To put in context, over the past 18 months I've had simultaneous bilateral THR and simultaneous BilaterAl TKR, four months between the ops. In July I had quite extensive surgery on my foot.

    First fall was two lab pups playing and careering into back of my legs - flew up in the air and landed straight on hip. Dogs clearly though it was an invitation to play and started jumping on me and stuffing their ball inbetween my legS! Looked a site.

    Second fall was two days later in the garden on wet leaves. Took the dog out for toilet about 5.30 am. It had rained all through the night so grass was soaked. Slipped and landed flat on back. Since TKRs I can't kneel ( to get up) so I was completely stuck. I lay there, nightie nearly up to my neck, rain peeing down on me, covered in leaves and mud, shouting for help until one of my girls heard me and could help me up - never looked so pretty !!!!

  • I've done this so many times with my iPad.

    I'm always hurting myself. Last year I went down to the loo in the middle of the night. OH hadn't told me he'd closed the connecting door. Walked straight in to it in the dark and broke my nose

    A couple of years ago. I was getting a focaccia bread out of the oven. My had went and the tray titled. The bread started slipping off and without thinking I tried to catch it using my front. Ended up with a severe baking tray shaped burn on my stomach!

  • Reading some of the stories here made me laugh, sorry I can't help it, it is a family trait to ROFL at someone elses misfortunes. I do remember my sister as school catering manager opeing the freezer door at Christmas when a 20lb frozen turkey crashed 6 feet to her foot, she spent Christmas in agony, went to the hospital and had 2 broken toes, Turkey revenge we called it. hehe

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