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Hi I'm Kerina. I have RA and work p/t

I am 62 and still managing to work p/t. Having MTX injection every week. Also a WASPI member (women against state pension inequality)

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Welcome I am also a waspi member hoping things get moving now hope you are coping with your ra on this cold day you will get help and support form this group

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I have bever understood the pension system but how can it not be unfair on men when there was a 5 year age difference?, its the most blatant sex discrimination there has ever been.


We are not against men and women getting state pensio at the same time. We are angry that women weren't informed of these changes and are getting their pensions six years later. The government knew about these changes 20 years ago and we have never been informed. If we had known we could have made arrangements like paid more in to a private pension Some women have even lost their homes. Please read WASPI web page. A lot of MP's are also backing us. It was also discussed in parliament last week for three hours


I have got a supportive letter from my mp pity the patron PM won't give us the green light


My local MP is a waste of time. I emailed him explaining how we have been affected. I also asked questions. He did not answer any of my questions and just said pensioners are better off than they have been for years.

Waste of time 😒


I agree women should be receiving their pension at the same age as men. However, it's happened over such a short period. I had a pension statement to start at age 60. It was then changed and I would be 63years 8months so I had another. Soon after it was changed again and I should now receive it 5 days before my 65th birthday. 5 year jump in not too many years. I can see why it needs doing, not enough money to pay for an ageing population. It's a pity we didn't have the same information as younger generation have now on saving for your old age. My private pension will be pathetic so I will keep working full-time as long as possible.

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I will be 63 in May. I cannot get state pension until January 2020. I will be 66 and 9 months.

Have a look at WASPI web page. There is plenty of money in the pension pot.

If a private pension made changes like this without even informing us they would be sued

This is why WASPI group have got a top London solicitor and are taking dwp to court

Join WASPI and hep us


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