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Hello can anyone one advise I am on 175mg azathioprine and 400mg of hydroxchloroquine. Been on since end may. Don't seem to be working but I have developed sore mouth and gums could it be the meds? Anyone had this please? 🙁

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  • Hi- do you have folic acid? I take mtx and sulfasalazine - it helps me.

  • Can i ask what dose of folic acid you take. I get frequent mouth ulcers and i have a prickly feeling in my tongue , I think its because of low immune system.

  • I take 5mg (one tablet ) 4 days of the week. I take mtx Mondays (via a metojectpen) and take folic acid from Thursday through to Sunday. Ask your clinical nurse- hope someone is on the phone to answer your questions?

  • I will maybe wait and ask at next app which is due soon . Do you think the low white cell counts a fact in this?

  • I don't take any. I have left message for the nurse. Thank you 😁

  • Hi I take 20gs off mtx, 50mgs off Benepali (a Bisomar) and take 5mgs off frolic acid 6 days a week, sometimes I get sore gums and mouth sometimes and I mouthwash with salt water and tsp and it usually goes away after a couple off days, I have RA andOA and put it down too my system being low sometimes

  • I gargle with salt water as well , sometimes i add cider vinegar as well. Its aldo good for sore throats

  • Hello thank you all for your replies. I don't take frolic acid never been told to but I did read not do nice things about taking frolic acid I will call the nurse and see what she says. Thank you everyone hope you all have a good painfree day x

  • It's usually only when taking methotrexate we're prescribed folic acid as it reduces the little folate we store so could result in side effects such as you're experiencing. I know with you can get mouth ulcers with hydroxychloroquine so check you don't have some developing. Not sure about azathrioprine but it sounds as though you should see your Rheumy nurse if your meds aren't helping anyway so I'd ask if folic acid would help as well because the dose we take for MTX is only available on prescription.

  • Hi Lomo1964,

    I was on 175mg of Azathioprine and 300mg hydroxychloroquine when I was first diagnosed 4 years ago. I did not get any side effects. BUT it turned out Aza... was not working even though my blood tests were normal. So I have been moved on to Methotrexate (MTX) and life has improved dramatically.

    Yes nomoreheels is right, as I understand it you are not given folic acid when you are on Aza. I was not prescribed it.

    Perhaps you are experiencing the same effect some of experience when taking MTX.

    Try rinsing your mouth with saline (salty water) a few times a day - hold the saline in the mouth for a couple of mins if you can. You don't need to swirl it around, just bathe your mouth. I usually get mouth ulcers attempting to break out 48hrs after having my weekly dose of MTX. I nip them in the bud so to speak by using the saline.

    A Pharmacist told me, basically your mouth is under a lot of attack, your immunity is dampened down and hence 'bugs' are able to target your mouth.

    Hope that helps.


  • Thank you I will try that 😊

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