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First Benepali jab after switching from Enbrel


Well it's come to yes as my Mum would say.

I have my new Benepali waiting in the fridge and tomorrow is my first one.

I have read the leaflet that comes with it as its a different type of pen to the Enbrel.

Apparently you just hold it against your site of choice and press down and wait for two clicks and a yellow plunger to show in the window.

Funny how with Enbrel I got a nurses visit and follow up phone calls but with Benepali nada.

I was given a letter by Healthcare at home addressed to a nurse, for me to pass on but no one has got in touch with me.

I shall ram it in my thigh tomorrow and hope for the best.


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I was the same when I switched from Enbrel to Benepali, I was supposed to get a nurse visit but no-one rang so I just got on with it. I have to say, it's very easy and virtually painless!

Mandalou in reply to Astral

Thanks Astral

It's a good job we are all practical people. You have to be with this disease.

I'm sure I will get on fine with the Benepali tomorrow. I've not had a problem with injecting the Enbrel since I started.

Glad to hear it's easy and painless.

Best wishes


Hi there I had a nurse come out to me to show me but it was a wasted visit as you don't have to do anything just hold it against your skin and it does the rest. Hope it works for you as it's made a big difference to me and I also take a mtx injection along side it

Maybe Popsmith you got the nurses visit as it was your first Biologic?

I'm hoping the active ingredient of Etanercept will mean no difference to my Enbrel which has been good for me too.

Very pleased to hear you are getting on well.


Please let us know if your new drug Benapali works for you. It's the next one for me to try as I have unable to tolerate MTX and Sulfasalazine. I have to go into a flare up and show them my RA is still active first though. Predinisolone is keeping me stable at the minute but reducing weekly so only another week or so I will be there? It's crazy they won't start me until I have another flare up then they will give me a steroid injection to get me mobile again until New drug kicks in.

I have just had my second jab and l feel great it is painless and l did have a nurse show me for two weeks all of your replies are correct but if you look at the leaflet it states six sites to inject . Just one point when you hear the second click you must count to fifteen slowly before taking the pen out l hope this is of help to you because it has been very good for me good luck


I find injecting in stomach less painful than thigh good luck

Out of interest, why did you swop from Enbrel to Benepali?

Mandalou in reply to Lyn_rosa

Hi Lyn_rosa

I'm afraid I didn't get a choice as in the UK you are pretty much told which Biologic you are getting.

I started Enbrel in Dec/Jan 2015/2016 after diagnosis in July 2015 very successfully and was told I would be switching to Benepali at my last Rheumatologists appointment in September 2016.

It's a cost thing and will save the NHS money and hopefully open up Biologic/Biosimilar treatment to more people, at least that's what they tell us.

The active ingredient in both drugs is Etanercept so in reality there should be no difference to its effects.

I'm three jabs/weeks into my Benepali treatment and can report no difference apart from a mini flare in my left foot but that is probably purely coincidental.

Time will tell.

Best wishes to you.


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