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Flippin' Heck!


So today is week three on the MXT and I've already come across the first hurdle - eating.

Major indigestion!

So my much-adored drugpushers at the surgery got the doc to give me Lansoprazole. (Although it's referred to as Lanzarote cos we can all pronounce that!)

One bright note: Anniversary yesterday and as you know he's thousands of miles away at the moment, but I got a huge bunch of roses and a gorgeous little bear. That cheered me up.

How's everyone else doing?

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Is this with the tablets? I didn't get on with the tablets so went to the sub-cut Metoject - what a relief. Still had the folic acid on non-MTX days and that was ok.

Hope your internals settle down for you.

First blood test today, so i might mention it to the nurse.

Not a fan of needles either! Is it easy?

It's so simple.

Pucker up a pinch of stomach fat, place the sleeve end over the pinch, press down so the sleeve is pushed into the body of the syringe (about 1/2" or 1.5 cm), click the button on the top, watch the fluid go in and once done, retract. I've seen hair that is thicker than the needle!

It is painless. I've had flea bites worse than a Metoject!

Morning chick ---- and Happy Anniversary to you. A bear and flowers --- how thoughtful . Didn't get chance to say " welcome " the other day- so I'll say "Hi" today instead. I'm sure you will find this site as invaluable as I have done , was diagnosed 2 years ago , after been fobbed off for 4.5 years.

One thing I found helped with mthx side effects was to drink lots and lots of water.

Sorry you had to cancel your trip away- when you are feeling brighter you will be able to rebook . 😊

May be worth trying taking it at a different time of day. Cannot remember whether MTX is after/with/before food but some people take it in the morning and others evening. Farm

Indigestion strikes for about 4 days after!

Down day today .glad I'm off this week...


Hi fatankle - I take Minocycline, but one of the cautions for that is that it causes major stomach upset too. I have found that taking it with lemon water or taking a cayenne capsule or two with the pills will help preclude any stomach reactions. Maybe one of these might help you too? And the Folate of course helps as well

Hi! So far, the tablets the doc gave me seem to be helping! Just the fatigue that's flooring me...

Fatigue is difficult to deal with particularly in the early stages because could be due to being still being uncontrolled, the inflammation still coursing through or the mental fatigue of trying to understand & learn just what is happening to you plus MTX is no aspirin so bound to affect you! Add in that the closest person to you is thousands of miles away, it's hard dealing with all this, not having that someone to talk about how you're feeling with, you have my empathy. So be kind to yourself & rest up as much as you can whilst you're feeling like you've been run over by a 10 ton truck.

Like Jacki I haven't had the opportunity of saying hi, it was remiss of me as I responded to someone on your first post. Anyway I hope you enjoy being amongst people who can relate to everything you're going through.... & happy anniversary for yesterday. :)

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