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Tocizumab infusions

Hi, I am feeling much better since I had my 2nd infusion and my next one is on November 2nd. I am hoping to change to injections instead of the infusions as it would be more convenient due to the distance I have to travel. I hope to find out tomorrow when I see my Rheumatologist, she is lovely and acted really fast getting me back on the same infusions I was on in the UK. I also received a call from her on Friday she was checking to see how my infusions went and if I was okay. I thought that was very caring of her as I know she is very busy. I hope everyone is keeping pain free as possible, take care everyone. Xx

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Hi Angels-delight,

Lovely to hear your positive story and it sounds like you have a very caring Rheumatologist! Hope that you are able to move onto injections soon.

Take care,



Thank you for your response, my Rheumatologist has agreed to the injections I just have to wait for a call to discuss when they will start. I have been told it usually takes about a month. It will help with so I don't have to worry about how I get to the clinic especially when we have a lot of snow here. Take care, Sue

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