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Wrists seizing?

Hi, I have recently been diagnosed with Rhupus as my joints were very inflamed and sore for what felt like an eternity. I am taking 25 mg methotrexate injections weekly and hydrochloriquine twice daily. Lately my right wrist would crack when I moved it and now today it seizes in place if I don't move it for awhile. Has anyone had their wrists seize like this? Is this normal RA symptoms or do you know if this is degeneration? Or a symptom of Lupus?

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Sounds pretty normal to a RD survivor. The joint seems to get roughened up and stuck in one position? I fidget all the time - drives people mad and they move away from me! - to keep my joints from seizing up.

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Hey! When I was 18 newly diagnosed my wrist would do that very painful as well sometimes just out of the blue, once I was out drinking with my friends and went to the bathroom I couldn't button up my jeans again bit embarrassing had to go ask my friend to do it for me 🙈 Life we have lol,

After few years of the right medication and learning i can't do the same things I used to or carry so on and so on it hasn't gotten like that in years, I have the rhupus as well, also talk to you're consultant she can get you to see someone that can show you how to massage ur hand properly when u do get a flare up it helps a lot. Just try not to over work them, writing for long periods, even using ur phone gaming whatever you do just make sure you're wrist is supported and don't let it stay same position for to long.

Also there's amazing gloves on Amazon they are grey for when you're hands hurt! They are a lot nicer then what the hospital give you


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