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Hello you lovely people..I've had two days on naproxen and I can't believe that I got up pain free this morning, I know it's early days but I just can't believe it.

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So happy you're pain free 🌸

Glad you have a good result. Hope it lasts for you .

I'm so glad to hear you've found something that works! I hope it's a good long term solution for you ( just always remember to eat something first x )

Thank you all, I have been given tablets to protect my stomach too. I'm waiting for an appointment to see the neurologist yet so at least the pain has subsided xx

Hi Adalisone,

Congrats on the Naproxen really helping.

I had a bad reaction to it at first ( more swelling) but then started taking it religiously with breakfast and dinner with my other tablets and bingo major results, the swelling in my knees has halved.

I always reacted well to Diclofenac but I think there are less contraindications with Naproxen.

I really hope you continue to do well.


I also find Naproxen very effective with (so far) no nasty side effects.

However whenever I mention it to friends I get answers like, "useless," "rubbish"& "just diesn't work"!

Obviously we are the lucky ones!

So happy to hear you're having a result!

I think it gives us all some hope!

So glad it works for you. It did a great job of easing my pain and swelling too, but unfortunately it gave me horrendous heartburn despite taking with food. Unfortunately I could not tolerate the medication to protect my stomach :( Good luck, hope it continues to help you.

Am in the naproxen works for me camp too😀 Glad ur feeling better. Mg pharmacist tells me just to make sure i take it with a decent ammount of food.

I am so pleased for you, Adalisone. Naproxen's the only medication I can tolerate (and believe me, I've tried them all!) and I notice the difference if I miss only one tablet. I really hope it continues to work well for you.

Really pleased it's working for you. I have been on it for years and don't think I could function without it

I too had great results with Naproxan. Unfortunately, I had to stop due to it aiding in raising my blood pressure. I almost cried when my doctor said to stop taking it. Nothing off the counter helped as much. I still take it once in a while if feeling especially bad.


Awesome - I am so happy for you!

Naproxen has been the best pain med for me, when I need it. Thought it was harder on body than ibuprofen but this is not so. Talked with an internal medicine doctor just last week and he told me that Naproxen is the safest Nasid. The best is Aspirin but then you cant take more than 350mg a day and that usually doesnt help. All Nasids are hard on the GI trackt but there are many ways to take care of the stomach.

I've always understood ibuprofen to be the least problematic NSAID, more so than naproxen (though it wasn't helpful for me). This is from the NICE BNF site

"Naproxen is one of the first choices because it combines good efficacy with a low incidence of side-effects (but more than ibuprofen)".

Maybe the internist meant without an additional stomach protector? As ibuprofen is available over-the-counter (200 mg) it would stand to reason it has fewer side effects than naproxen, being prescription only at effective doses for RD (500 mg), on the UK that is not sure elsewhere. If you're concerned about gastro effects it might be best to ask your Rheumy.

I think he was more talking about the cardiovascular risks. New research on the cardiovascular risks of ibuprofen. Not as safe as thought, he explained.

I was prescribed Naproxen last summer before diagnosis. It did take the edge off the pain I was in, but within about three weeks it made me wheeze. The GPs said to take Ibuprofen instead, but recently they have made me wheeze too. I normally only took one dose, at bedtime, as it helped me sleep. Within a short time of stopping the Ibuprofen, I experienced swelling in two of my fingers and my inflammatory markers moved for the first time outside the normal range. So I know even at that low dose it was working. I'm now waiting to find out if I can take any other NSAID.

Thank you so much everyone...I've only just found out that I've got RA, I'm waiting to see a rheumatologist, the doctor said he would mark it as urgent. I've only been taking naproxen for 3 days and stomach tablets to protect it. Am I right in thinking until I start proper meds the RA isn't being slowed down ??? Still can't Believe how the pain has disappeared, my knees, fingers, toes and my right arm has been terrible xx

Simba1992 in reply to Adalisone

My reaction to naproxen before I was diagnosed was just the same. All pain and swelling gone. Didn't need more than 250mg a day. But the effect gradually subsided and the pain and stiffness returned. This is what usually happens, I have understood.😕

Really happy it worked for you, I take it but only once a day maybe I should up the dose just a little worried I might find that I will always be taking it but maybe I am too cautious I love to hear a happy outcome.

I find Naproxen an excellent painkiller. It works very quickly which is a real boon. That and simple paracetamol are my Super Heroes :-)

Luv Legs x

I find Naproxen an excellent painkiller. That and paracetamol are my Super Heroes! :-)

Luv Legs X

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