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In the article "Rheumatoid: more than just a single disease", the author commented that inflammatory blood markers (ESR and CRP) are important because they show that RA is more than a joint disease. These markers show that inflammation in present in blood stream (serum) which demonstrates that it is a systemic disease.

I liked the way this was worded because I've often come across people who, I feel, diminish our suffering by not recognising the serious nature of RA. This is not, of course, to belittle the struggle of those who do have purely muscular skeletal conditions. I thought the explanation was nice and simple and might be helpful to show others, if you feel they are not fully understanding your struggles.

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  • Hi crashdoll, that is why even if the joint pain diminishes, ESR and CRP are elevated. We have peripheral neuropathy, lung issues, and a host of other difficulties. And that is why RA is difficult to treat. A systemic disease, it sure is.

  • Isn't it the same old thing "Unless you've got it you cannot understand" friends & family say sorry your not feeling good today but as there is nothing really to show how bad you might be. My hands swell & my fingers look like sausages but the comment is are you on Steroids not that looks painfull.

  • Thank you for your comments Crashdoll, really pleased our magazine has been of help.

    Val, NRAS

  • I had a flare up and had my bloods done my ESR was 2 and my CRP 32 the lowest they have been for years yet I was in unimaginable pain

  • It is more and more evidant, to me at least that the inflammation markers are often not connected to the amount of pain. But are they really connected to the progression of the disease? I have understood that the following of the inflammation markers helps the doctors see if the meds are working or not?🤔

  • Last lot of bloods had ESR at 50 and CRP at 40, yet wasn't feeling that bad other than suffering PMT at the time the test were taken. Weird is an understatement. My joints do not appear as expected for bloods that high so something else must be affecting the results, just don't know what.

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