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Telephones appointment last week

I received a copy of GP letter yesterday. The nurse informed me last week my next appointment will be a month. Letter 2 months. Appointment letter arrived today not til February.

I noticed in the GP letter that my Renal function is low. Asked to continue 2 weekly blood tests

Surely not til February

I don't have enough forms to last me until February

Rant over let's try and get on with life

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I photocopy my blood one has ever complained......saves plodding down to GP office to pick up more!


I ask my surgery for 6 months of forms at a time and they send them to me as I have 1 a month. X


Over 4 months is daft! A pain in the neck, but you need to find time to phone endlessly to push for an earlier appointment.

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You need to nag them I'm afraid. The consultant obviously thinks you should be seen earlier, so contact the nurse/secretary/appointments and get it brought nearer.


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