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Welcome to Wackyville

I hurt my shoulder yesterday. Had an awful night. Drowsed, certainly didn't sleep and that was on Tramadol. Came out a drowse with a cough, which lasted a good 5 minutes. Checked my huffs and I was low, so onto inhalers.

Saw Dr this morning and yes I hurt my shoulder. However she thinks that I have also flared. Listened to my chest and told me to take 8 steroids for 5 days. Says will also help my shoulder.

Dr restocked my Tramadol and told me to add paracetamol to it.

Came home, took the steroids and the Tramadol and paracetamol and now I am in Wackyville. On the plus side I can move my shoulder more.

I spoke to my Rheummy's secretary as I had a scan booked for Monday. She said I should try and move it. So moved scan to 21 October, has to be then as a consultant is doing the scan.

Oh well happy days.

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Hopefully the steroids will help. 😊


They have. Day 2 and I can move arm more, just can't put it behind me. Still on increased inhalers.


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