Broken fridge and injections

Arrived home from holiday (after a cancelled flight with no luggage!) at 2 am. I opened the fridge and a small waterfall erupted. I think a filter may have blocked and the fridge froze and then defrosted. Everything inside was very cold - a bit too cold - but didn't look frozen at the time. When I say "everything", I mean my humira injections and some cans of coke. Obviously, the latter is a non-issue.

Healthcare at Home said that if the medicine froze, it's no good. Also, we can't guarantee what temp it has been at for 10 days. However, I'm due a prescription from the hospital so they have to request it and arrange a deliver. Last time, my hospital were really busy and took ages and ages to sort it out. I'm due an injection in 2 days and boy, do I need it. I wonder if it'd be OK to inject one anyway. I mean, it might not be as effective but as long as it's not harmful, right?! Am I mad and sleep deprived and in agony from a cramped airport chair followed by an uncomfortable plane seat?

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  • I am afraid i cannot answer your question, Best advice i can give is speak to your chemist or rheumy.xxxx

  • I did speak to the Healthcare at Home pharmacist but I'm second guessing myself now. I said I thought it was likely that the fridge had frozen but what if it hadn't and I'm throwing way perfectly OK medication? Eek!

  • yes you are mad and sleep deprived and cramped from trying to sleep in a chair!!!!

    wait for the new injection.

    do all the things you would normally do to help your joints, hot/cold bathing, gentle stretching, distraction, exercise, listen to music, etc. etc.

  • I'm going to take a nap and snuggle the dog who was delighted to see me and hopefully, will wake up more rational.

  • I think my last 3 humira injections may have been compromised. Moving house made me mad & sleep deprived so wasn't too clever with transportation. I had them in their cardboard & plastic containers, wrapped in newspaper, inside a chill bag, inside a cool box with freezer blocks. After a night in a B&B on route to new home, during the heatwave, the cool box got a bit uncool. So we bought bags of ice cubes & bunged them in. Then they melted during next leg of journey ... and so on & so forth until we bought a fridge.

    Anyways, I used the injections & have lived to tell the tale. But my feet, backside, hands etc. are complaining like hell. I now have no injections and everything hangs on next week's appt. with new rheumy i.e. will new rheumy set up new prescription & will it be expedited quickly ....?

    How are you doing after your nap? Drives you clean round the bend all this!

  • Oh no, what a if moving house isn't stressful enough!

    I didn't nap well, I didn't sleep well last night and today is a tad stressful. The cases finally arrived but broken (literally, they smashed the hard parts of the case - no idea how!), so stuff inside is broken, including my brand new make up and presents for people. 🙁 I am trying to sort the laundry with stiff joints. Adapting to this weather after 30 odd degrees for 10 days. Gawd, I'm such a whinger. Going on holiday is great but the return is so disappointing.

    I need to phone rheum and beg her to hurry up the humira prescription.

    Are you settled in the new place x

  • No advice, but hope you have managed to take a nap and feel better soon x

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