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Great news

Hi Guys ,I've just been for follow up after my Cateract op alls good and booked in for other eye to be done.

I'm finding the effect of the Humira inj is wearing off after about 8/9 days so got a steroide inj from my GP it's the first I've had for about 14 mths.Im hoping it's going to last for a few weeks as we are going on hols, so it would be nice if I could stay up a bit later and do more walking.

Trying to keep positive It's so good to read other posts that are positive it gives us all hope.

Regards to you all Mike

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How long have you been on Humira?


Matilda I've been on about 1yr . But it's the best treatment I've had after having bad reactions to other drugs. Bearing in mind we all respond differently to treatments..

Regards Mike


I don't have any Humira experience, but when I had the cortisone injections, they would usually last 3 months or so for the first one, so fingers crossed...


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