Swearing therapy

"Researchers from Keele University conducted a number of initial experiments in 2009 to examine the analgesic properties of swearing. Richard Stephens, John Atkins, and Andrew Kingston published "Swearing as a Response to Pain" in NeuroReport, finding that some people could hold their hands in ice water for twice as long as usual if they swore compared to if they used neutral words. They also reported feeling less pain."

I don't know why this isn't discussed more often. I've always had a rather colourful vocabulary and now I have an excuse to use it. ;)

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  • Oh Kai , this is funny.

  • And now I do too :)

  • Those meditations are so funny. I can see they would be beneficial especially with regular use :-)

  • I must say my language is more colourful and frequent the more pain I am in - I don't think it takes the pain away but it about the only thing left you can do!! Farm

  • Kai, that's amazing, although you are majorly distracting me from my work haha!

  • I think swearing helps when things go oh so wrong. Lets out the frustration, but I have never found it helps pain. That is, however, is only my experience. It may help others to combat pain. Nothing wrong in a good old swear!!!

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