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any help appretiated

Whent for a swim yesterday instead of walking cos it just dosnt seem to be doing me any good i thought, Then at night i did some leg exersises to get my quads going.

but im still getting like all me cartlidge in both joints are drying up but my knees dont feel warm and my feet now feel like all the bones are brittle in the feet.

keep having a look at soregens cos my gumms have receded that much in weeks now that its getting frightening the amount of tooth i can see with 2 that want taking out at the back that the dentist has put me in for.

The little hard lumps i have on me finger joints have never moved in 5 months now and they dont stop my hands from bending in fact i can realy make a good fist.

But last night after exersises it made me feel rely bad was even getting ringing in the ears.

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Little and often for the exercise - doing too much too quickly will make you hurt more!


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