The Spoon Video is AMAZING!!! I used the Spoon Explanation to my Husband and Daughter. Both of them already have a good understanding of my limits ect. Now I use that euphemism when they want me to do things. I tell them I the quantity of spoons I have based on how I feel that morning. When they ask for things, like a ride somewhere or for me to do the shopping alone I tell them how many spoons it is going to cost me to complete that activity and what I will have left over for myself/them. I usually only do one major task a day. Like tomorrow I will wash some clothes. How many loads? Depends on how I feel when I wake up and how many spoons I think I can spend that day.

I think we should find a way to keep that video as a permanent part of this page. It is the best thing I have seen to help others understand what we go through.

IDK how that electroconvulsive tag got attached to my post, but I dont believe in that

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  • Hi , yes I use the spoon theory too to help me pace. My family now say " stop your using too many spoons" or " how many spoons gave you got left" lol

    Very handy X

  • Thanks Kai!

  • What a brilliant theory and mostly because it is exactly right. That is a wonderful way to teach someone else about what we (probably) just take for granted every day. That we have to watch our spoons. I am sure I will use this explanation again in the future. Thanks so much Desdemona

  • This is exactly what I need to open the dialogue of expectations.

    If my selfish 22!year old daughter can understand this, maybe she will finallly understand how hard my days can be

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