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Persistence paid off

Thanks for everyone's help and suggestions about getting my appointment booked, I visited my GP and within half an hour of leaving there I had the consultant on the phone offering me an appointment.

I was seen last week and they did ultrasound scans on my hands and feet and on each hand my index finger and little finger joints are completely eroded and on my left foot the first three toes are. I wasn't expecting that at all as I thought they had caught it early.

I'm now on hydroxychloroquine and 25mg of methotrexate which sounds quite a big dose to start with?

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Hang in there girl re meds etc as they take a while to settle in. The MTX can be a bit tricky re nausea etc... I took mine with porridge with fresh cut ginger root in it for the first six months to try and ensure that I could tolerate the side effects. I built up gradually to 20mg (which i am still on but don't need to take porridge with now!).

All the best


Oh did you get folic acid prescribed to take as well... I take 5mg 3 days after my MYX day and some take it every day except MTX day


It is should be taking at least 5mg of folic acid a week, more if you experience nausea. Hope it works!


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