Can I complain about the heat?

It's fine if you're lying on a sun lounger, in a swimsuit, reading a chick flick, whilst sipping iced water and having cocktails brought to you by a handsome waiter. It is significantly less fun if you have to do chores, go to work, get the tube into London or just generally go about your usual life. My body is just like.....what?!! My fat feet are too swollen to go in most shoes, I can't get a watch on my puffy wrists and my knees look like they belong to someone twice my size.

I'll be back here complaining in winter, no doubt!

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  • I've had to cancel my hospital appointment in London tomorrow as there is no way I can get there in 30 degree heat! I'm sitting indoors with 2 fans and my feet in a bowl of cold water...until they go wrinkly and the water is as warm as the room....

    Has anyone tried tried cool gel pads or magicool spray or anything similar?

  • I have an appointment in London tomorrow too. :( It's at 9.40 so I hope I'll be home before the day starts getting burning hot. It's a 25 minute train journey and another 25 on the tube but I'm going to try and get a taxi part of the way. I can't cancel either so arrrgh.

    I've not tried sprays or pads. I consider it but then think the weather will soon pass anyway. I always regret it!

  • My appointment is 11.40 so I'd be travelling at the hottest time of the day....such a shame as I'd planned to meet my daughter out-law.

  • I sweat when the temp reaches 22 degrees.Not good... :(

  • Noooooo i love the sunshine too much Lol, i do hope you get better very soon but this has to be better than the rains?;

  • Sunshine of this heat (it's 32 degrees Celsius right now!) is only acceptable on non-working days or on holiday.

  • Love your sence of humour crashdoll !!!

  • You have to laugh, it's good for the soul. :)

  • I'd like to politely disagree about the handsome waiter bit, I can think of better ways of getting my alcohol delivered. 😉👙💋🍸

  • Been on the golf course today. 30 plus degrees. Day off work so lucky in one way. So lots of water in a cooler bag. Some of which was poured over my head on the way round. 50+ sun factor cream on. Just got in before a thunder storm came over.

  • I have changed into old white shirts in place of polo shirts. Cooler, but still hot up front. Well as the song goes... the wheels on the bus...

    Can't wait until autumn, my favourite time of year.

  • Used to love the hot weather, but now causes havoc with the arthritis! Never thought I'd say that! Candy

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