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Methotrexate been increased

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Well peeps went to see my consultant today after my first month on MX, not had any relief as yet, my doctor forgot to prescribe an anti-inflammatory that the consultant had prescribed, so as a result just had my dose increased from 6 x 2.5mg ( 15mg) once a week to 8 x 2.5mg (20mg) per week plus my folic acid, and now prednisolone 5mg tablets ( one and a half once daily in a morning) and Lansoprazole to check the stomach problems that the prednisolone cause. Also saw the specialist nurse to be referred for occupational therapy, hope you are all doing okay and loving being part of this community.

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Sounds like you're being well looked after ☺I had to wait months before they increased my mtx...and as for an occupational therapist. ..never been mentioned to me 🤔

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Lincoln your team sound like their really on the ball.

My experience of seeing the occupational therapist was a big turning point for me. It was probably the most useful appointment I've had, I was given mobility aids, splints ect..and advice on movement, all very practical advice. Moomin8 If you haven't seen a OT I would ask for a referral.

i agree with Moomin8 I have seen specialist once at diagnosis then a specialist nurse twice since diagnosis in January.

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marie66 in reply to Matilda_1922

Me too specialist nurse every 8 weeks until November when i see rheumatologist again. It seems like at least I see someone every 8wks. Nurse swapped me to injections and adjusted steroid doses too. M x

I was given an early arthritis pathway which I should be following but that went out the window in July when they started to cancel my appointments last time. I called the service as this the 4th cancellation. Now I have a new appointment in September and they couldn't understand why I hadn't been offered one in September.

Hope I get to speak to someone in September as its a telephone appointment.

I was switched to MTX injections due to stomach problems, much better and so easy to do. Also OT is a good idea, they have lots of good advice.

I'm on the same drugs asd feel sick and need toilet too often 😭

Hi Lincolnimp2457,

I started the same drugs like yours. Mtx 4 x 2.5 mg and prednisolone 2.5 mg, folic acid, calcium, vitamin D and omega 3. 2 months later, mtx was up to 6 x 2.5 mg and the rest remain. In fact, every time they increased mtx for me, I felt my disease activities would be lower and I felt greater relief. Therefore, I always looking forward to visit my rheumatologist to get a higher dose. She told me that I should go up to the max 20 or 25 mg, I forgot the exact dosage she mentioned on the max, then the condition should be okay.

I was on mtx 8 x 2.5 mg for about a year, my condition was already under very well control. My doctor declared that I was under remission in May 2016. At that time, my liver reading was double the normal reading, which I had no idea why, then she reduced the mtx dosage to 6 x 2.5 mg for me. Recently, my blood test was perfect, she said that since she just reduced the dosage of mtx in May, though my disease activities were very low now, she could not reduce the mtx for me yet, because she needed to make sure no flare up hence she wanted me to continue the same dosage for a while until further notice.

After the visit in May where my liver condition was no good, I started to take the turmeric golden paste drink daily. I believe the improvement of my liver has something to do with the good stuff. This is just the sharing of my own experience, I hope it helps.

I was sent to the occupational therapist 2 months after the treatment. Then I was also sent to the physiotherapist after 4 months of the treatment. They did help a lot in my recovery process.

Look at me today, after 2 years of treatment, I am basically back to normal.

that is fantastic news glad to see you are getting back to something like normal I can only hope I can follow in your footsteps, thank you so much for you have given me lots of hope :)

Hello hubby also takes 25mg methotrexate, folic acid, lansoprazole, and sulfasalazine. He was slowly improving. Just had a tooth infection, so had to stop all meds, and boy what a difference it makes. So stay well and healthy and wherever possible avoid people with known infections till they are better!! Better safe than sorry. Take care, Sue xx

PS, I take it you live in Lincoln?

Hi I increased my MTX to 8 felt unwell, HB lo and white cells lo , been taken off MTX for over 2 wks starting to get some pain, had more bloods done. Has anyone had anything simular?

Sandie x

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