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Hi everyone! I'm laraine. ..xxc

Have had RA for 17 years. Now on enbrel. Xx

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Hi and welcome ! You must have got your RA as a child! X


Well I'm 42 this year and have had it for just over 17 years now!!!


How is it going ? Controlled?


Yeah it's controlled.all my levels are very good. I do feel it when I have alot to do and push it a bit too much but mainly I know how much I can do. I've learned to prioritize everything! If the housework needs to be done and I've been to work or busy I leave it!! I've learned to say who cares!!! Alot!!! X


Good attitude !


Hi Laraine, Welcome!

I've just recently switched to Enbrel (about a month ago). It hasn't started working yet for me, but I'm trying to remain hopeful and patient. Did it take some time for it to start working for you?

I'm happy to hear that you are having success with it.



Hi Karen.. Well it started working in the first week of injecting it!! I felt the effects a few hours later. enbrel has been a lifeline to me but thats not to say its for everyone. If you haven't felt any better on it after a month then it may not be for you. My sister and my neice also have RA and JRA and what works for them didnt do anything for me. It's trial and error really. You need to try a few to get the right one. I had methotrexate, steroid injections, sulphasalasine etc... but nothing worked til enbrel. Are you feeling any better on it? If your not then tell consultant as they will try something else. I inject 2 times a week and it costs around 10,000 pounds a year so if it doesn't work they won't keep you on it.xxx


Hi Laraine. Methotrexate worked well for me for about 8 years until I needed to increase the dose. Seems that my system couldn't handle the higher dose.. too many side effects. So, Enbrel is my first attempt at a biologic. I am only injecting once a week and I haven't really felt any better at all. Have an appointment with my rheumy in about 2 weeks, but I have been letting him know that I'm not feeling better in the meantime. I think he said something about giving it 3 months to work. Seems like a long time when you are in pain.

It does help to keep me hopeful when I hear that it is working for others. Wishing you the best. Karen

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Hopefully he will increase your injections to 2 a week. Maybe 1 isn't enough. I always feel the difference of I forget to do one so maybe talk to him about increasing? Let me know how you get on hun.xx


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