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I've been on humira for 2.5 years. It's working quite well and I certainly wouldn't want to stop taking it. I inject every other Thursday evening. I inject methotrexate (17.5mg) every Friday evening. I've noticed that the weeks I have both injections, I am completely and utterly wiped out the entire weekend. Bizarrely, I can never sleep the night of the humira injection and this is so unlike me. I wonder if I should try humira on Thursday morning instead? Insomnia is not the most common side effect but apparently, it's not unheard of either. I'm trying to balance having good disease control without being totally annihilated by the medications. Any ideas would be gratefully received, please and thank you.

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  • I have insomnia the night of Humira too! I feel wiped out the next day as well! I'm guessing you're ok a couple of days later? To combat the tiredness and insomnia I take the injection in the day now 😊

    Good luck xx

  • I agree taking the humira in the morning may help but you may feel a bit yuky that day. Why not give the mtx another day in between that should make make sure your body isn't overloaded.

    Regards Mike.

  • I never knew these effects happened with Humira, I've never felt any kind of reaction to it at all (apart from a little injection site itching).

    Must be 'lucky' - ha ha aha. 🤔

  • Me too!

  • Its most likely the meth that is making you feel this way. If you are very well controlled as far as your disease goes, you can always ask your doctor if you can taper down some of the meth, reduce the quantity a bit and see if everything goes well, some doctors prescribe biologic and Dmard in the beginning so its a double whammy on the disease, once the biologic is working and established you may be able to taper off the dmard. Please chat with your doctor as he knows you individual heath, but its worth asking about. I tried Humira but had an allergic reaction, so now I am on Enbrel. One other thing, may see if they can test your vitamin D level. I was suffering terrible fatigue, drag your feet almost walking dead fatigue. My family doctor kept saying, its part of the disease, or you must be depressed, and never bothered to actually do any work, he left me in a life of limbo. I found a great new young female doctor who actually listens to me, she ran a full panel of blood and included things they dont usually test. My vitamin D was severely low - very deficient in the red, I looked it up, vitamin D can cause fatigue and depression, apparently it is also linked to rheumatoid activity and can cause flares which was happening on my Enbrel. I was put on the vitamin D, and previously already taking Iron (rheumy prescribed) as mine was low. (I had some improvement after taking iron) Within three weeks of taking vitamin D daily, most of the terrible fatigue, restless sleep is gone, and I have no 'break through flares' on my Enbrel - I asked my doctor about this, seems strange something so small can affect me so much....apparently a very small percentage of people are more sensitive to vitamin and mineral levels, some have no ill effects when deficient, but a few it can really effect.

    It is possible that this is just coincidence, perhaps my disease settled on its own, but for right now I am convinced the iron and vitamin are helping combat my fatigue.

  • Hi Crashdoll,

    We hope things get better for you, from reading your post it seems your R/A just might be under some control. Amen, sure hope so. I think I'd move the Humira shot to maybe a Tuesday or Wednesday and keep the Methotrexate injections on Fridays. Also see if you could possibly reduce the amount of the Methotrexate and get it down to the lowest dosage possible with results, provided you have your R/A in check. If you do this and have all your bloodwork done and levels checked out and make sure they are where they should be maybe all this together would help. Well, we sure hope so, this r/a stuff isn't fun at all!!! Keep Looking Up!!"



  • For what it's worth, I always take my Humira in the morning, usually before 8am, and have never noticed problems with insomnia.

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