Pain in my knees

I have at last been to the doctors about the pain in my knees as cannot stand it any more. When I walk, stand or sit down radiating pain up and down my legs. Going upstairs is agony on my left knee so started using my right leg as the first step and now that one is in the same pain. Am going for an X-ray tomorrow to see what is wrong. The doctor seems to think it's not RA but just arthritis. The pain wakes me up and am now limping. Just wanted to unload. Thank for listening.

Hope you all are having a nice day.

Carol X

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Hiya Carol. I know we tend not to think of OA as bad as RD because, well it is generally age related & it's not autoimmune but I can testify that it can be blinking painful too! I take strong pain relief for OA as well as an NSAID, in fact I'm prescribed more for OA than I am RD! My knees are affected too, my right more than my left but it's my hands, neck & back & more recently my right pelvic area associated with my hip which let me know it is there.

My Rheumy doesn't concentrate on OA & referred me back to my GP who has been great & prescribed as needed. I had regular appointments to begin with when titrating up pain relief & muscle relaxant & now pretty much comfortable save for the odd niggle. That's when I reach for Pernaton gel, it helps with immediate pain & does not interact with any of my meds so I can reapply as needed.

Exercise really help keep the joints moving & try not to sit for longer than you ought, particularly at night otherwise your knee will stiffen & when you use it the pain will be more intense. I try to get up& move about at least once every hour. If I fall asleep in the chair of an evening I find the stairs really difficult when going to bed because I've seized up. Swimming really helps, or even just walking in the pool, helps strengthen the muscles & in turn protect the joint.

Anyway, I hope all goes well at x ray & I hope it doesn't reveal big problems. x

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The first orthopaedic surgeon I saw about my knees said that he couldn't tell the difference between damage caused by oa or RA. Knees needed replacing. X-ray will tell them how bad they are. In the meantime any exercise that strengthens the muscle around your knees and upper legs is good. Can you get to see a physio?

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