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New to RA

Hi all

Last year I had 1 nodule on my knee now I have RA from my head to toes. It has spread everywhere. Have the swollen joints, itch and lumps. I start treatment next week. Only had very bad spine. The only way I can cope is to think others are worse off. I started treatment for under active thyroid last week and I am hoping my hair will stop falling out.

So that's my story, my fingers are out of shape also, but I know others have it very bad.

Chat again soon

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Hello 😁 sorry to hear of your diagnosis, you've been hit very badly by the sound of it!

Yes whenever I feel sorry for myself (but we are quite rightly so!) I remember my nurse telling me about her previous 6 year old patient with inflammatory arthritis..... gets me every time 😢

Hope the treatment works quickly for you!!


Welcome, though I'm sorry you've had need to seek us out. As wiliby has already said it does sound as though it's having a good go, it can happen, not that it makes it any easier but you're not alone. I hope you respond well to your meds, give them time & you'll start to notice improvement in how things are just now.

Keep posting, ask questions, whenever, whatever. Maybe take a look through the NRAS site too


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