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Hi. I've been dx with RA for 2 years (I'm 33). I have anti ccp of 40 and RF of 75. CRP is consistently 25 and Esr is always about 60. These numbers don't seem as high as lots of other people and I do not get a lot of visible swelling. Although I get feet, ankle etc etc pain, I still worry that they've got the wrong diagnosis and that I'm taking Methotrexate for no good reason?! Thanks

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  • Actually I think your numbers are pretty high relative to your age and length of time you have been on Methotrexate. With a positive anti-CCP and RF it is most likely that your rheumatologist is right but you may need other DMARDs or a Biologic adding in soon if your CRP and ESR are consistently that high.

    I doubted my seronegative RA diagnosis for five years and am presently off all meds (severe allergies) and am probably soon to be rediagnosed with Lupus or primary Sjogren's on the strength of a clear positive ANA and the fact that my synovitis has so far been non-erosive. But I am anti-CCP negative and this is the more specific autoantibody test for RA as you probably know. Going drug free has not been my choice and I haven't flourished so I would stick with it if you can.

  • Have you investigated diet as a way of controlling the inflammatory process? Might help to get your markers into the normal range.

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