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Ankle surgery


I've been a member on this site for quite a few years and can't remember a lot of discussion about ankles. I've had RA since 2004 and now also has osteoarthritis. For quite a while I've had pain in my ankles, but Now my left ankle is really painful. I was referred to a podiatrist by a registrar in the rheumatology department who said I had flat feet. The podiatrist disagreed so sent me for a cat scan, then an mri. The result is that my left ankle is 'riddled' with arthritis (her words). I now need an appointment with an orthopaedic surgeon. The podiatrist said there was damage in my ankle and the sub-Taylor joint, as well as my Achilles' tendon. After all this, my question is has anyone had plates attached to their ankle joints?

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Hi, I can relate to your post.... had RA 45 years, from childhood, now 52. My left ankle has a fixed subtalar joint, probably has been for some years, very limited movement, lots swelling, and tendonitis in Achilles at the back. Had x-rays a month ago and awaiting MRI in August before going back to Rheumatologist and no doubt referral to hand and foot surgeon for a fusion.

Very debilitating, can't weight bear through left ankle, can only hobble around and reduced to being pushed in a wheelchair if I go out. Taking codeine, but in small doses, can't tolerate too much.

Will be interesting to see what transpires with your left ankle....



After some time of mentioning my painful feet, I eventually got to the stage of not being able to walk and got myself referred to an orthopaedic surgeon after this was suggested by the (private) podiatrist I saw. I've now had a sub-talar fusion which is wonderful. The orthopod said I will probably need to see him again for an ankle fusion later, but they are good enough for a few more years.


Thanks for your response - it's making me feel more positive about having to have surgery.


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