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DAS App gets 5 star review in Nursing Standards!

The recently launched NRAS DAS App has had a 5 star review in the publication Nursing Standards.

If you haven't already done so download the FREE app today. The app will guide you through self assessing your disease activity score and keeping track of how you are doing. This will enable you to have better dialogue with your health professionals when you go for your regular clinic appointments.

to find out more visit

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Hi thanks very much Clare! Are there any resources on NRAS that list apps that are useful for us? Thanks,



Hi, have just downloaded this - looks very easy to use, and the reminder function is useful!

Quick question about it - just wondering why toes and fingers not 'counted' towards DAS score? Pretty new to RD so asking lots of questions :)


Hi there

the feet are not included in DAS28 however that does not mean that in consultation that if you have issues with your feet that you shouldn't let your clinician know. When DAS first was used as a measure of disease progression it did include the feet and was called something like DAS52 or 44 I can't remember but it was proven that by not including the many joints of the feet that the DAS did not change that much and of course the time saved in clinic in getting people to remove footwear and examine all the joints of the foot etc. was able to make the consultation more productive.

20 joints of the hand are included in the DAS28 with the other 8 being the shoulders, wrists,elbows and knees.

Do let us know how you get on using the app and if it improves your dialogue with your health professionals.



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Thanks for explaining Clare.


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