RA and the rest!!!

RA and the rest!!!

I was diagnosed with RA in 2009, then fibro and then diabetes following years of steroids. Two years ago I developed anaemia had iron tablets which didnt really improve my counts. I had a colonoscopy in May which identified an advanced colon cancer. I had surgery on 1/6 and then biopsy found the cancer is in my lymph nodes so about to start 7.5 months of weekly chemotherapy to hopefully stop the spread. Just hope and pray the chemo works and I can cope with it. Very very scared.

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  • Hi Heather,

    So sorry to read this, no wonder you are scared. I think we would all feel the same. Sounds like you have a real rough trott ahead of you. Please try and keep positive - I know, easy for me to say, but one day at a time. Keep on posting no matter how you feel, there is so much support on this site. Sending you lots of love and hugs and a listening ear. X

  • You have a lot going on try to be positive my mother had this and the treatment gave her her life back

  • I can't help but I can empathise, so so sorry to hear. Having to cope with RA is hard but now this on top. You have a harder time ahead of you now and will need lots of support. Please always rant, moan, cry and let us carry some of your burden. I wish you well for the future and let us know xxx

  • I wish you the best. Maybe you can take a little solace in the comment June church posted. There has to be some positive in knowing that the treatment really helped someone else. Big hug.

  • I hope & pray the same for you Heather. You've really been dealt the rubbish hand but I believe that we're not dealt more than we can cope with. We're here for you, whenever whatever, we may not be by your side but certainly are for when you need to reach for us. xx

  • Bless you. It is a very scary time for you. Just do what you have to do, try and keep a positive attitude and take each day as it comes. Keep posting. It is a cliché but it really is good to talk. Lovely photo too. All the best x

  • Heather I will walk this road together with you as I have for 10 years.



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