Humira change from pen to syringe

Just got a letter from Healthcare at Home to say they are changing from the pen to the syringe. I like the pens and hate having to put the syringe in and then push down. Gives me the heebie jeebies. I used to hate cimzia as it was so thick and gloopy. As it is, I dread friday night due to MTX injections.

Has anyone else got this letter or do you already use the syringe? If so, how do you find it?

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  • I use a pen and have not had this letter. But have had one telling me they've changed the carrier.

  • I use a syringe and just had a letter saying they are changing the formulation to contain fewer of the things that make it sting when injected.

    On my letter it showed both pens and syringes and made no mention of changing the delivery method. Just the contents. Less liquid, same dose of Humira. Good thing I think.


  • Yes same as Ade. Same dose of Humira but less of the other liquid which gives it the sting when I inject. I am still on pens. Why don;t you ring Healthcare at Home and check if they are changing you from pen to syringe and why.

  • Hello! I got the letter today and panicked at first as I thought I'd have to start using the syringe too, but I don't think that's the case (if I've understood it right). I think we can still use the pen style injectable for humira but the pen might look a bit different. I'm planning on starting methetrexate injections too soon instead of the tablets. Hope this helps! X

  • Just a comment on Cimzia, I found it was important to allow the syringe to come to room temperature before use. If the air bubble is slow to rise it is too cold. I allow 30-40 minutes for the syringe to warm up. My routine is to take syringe out of fridge have my breakfast and a shower then do the injection.

  • Hello we will look into this asap. Abbvie (who produce Humira) have told us of a slight change to how Humira is delivered i.e. the liquid that contains the medication but not the mechanism of the device so we will come back to you asap with a clear response.

  • I am slightly ashamed to say that I think I misread the letter! It's not overly clear though and I saw my rheum a fortnight ago who said they won't move me to metoject pens due to cost and I wondered if they were planning to stop humira pens too.

    I shall find out soon as I am due a delivery.

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