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Were you diagnosed between Feb 2015 and Oct 2015?

An audit in England & Wales was commissioned by the Health Quality Improvement Partnership (HQIP) and 6,354 patients were part of the first year’s audit. Soon the 2nd year’s audit results will be publicised and NRAS has been asked to identify people who took part in the study.

If you were diagnosed between 1st Feb 2015 and 30 Oct 2015 and have been followed up since your diagnosis up to Jan 2016 and would be willing to share your experiences of participating in this audit we want to hear from you.

As a reminder if you participated you would have been asked to sign a consent form, complete a baseline form and follow up forms at subsequent appointments up to 3 months after your initial appointment.

The request is to share patient’s stories with journalists but you will not be asked to identify the actual unit you attend. Your story may then be utilised to highlight the impact of the audit on patients as well as if the audit has improved care since the first year’s report.

Please share your story by sending it via email to :

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