I have read quite a few posts on here that mention PIP, I have helped a friend with his forms and he is currently in hospital for 6 weeks, he mentioned the hospital dates on the completed forms. I collected his post last week for him and was surprised that Capita had sent an appointment through for a date while he was receiving treatment. I was also surprised that they expected him to travel over 30 miles to get to an assessment centre in a completely different area/town, and to be there at 08.10 am, they included journey options and one was to start at 06.41 am. I don't know if they routinely do this and include instructions? another one was to set off at 05.51 and walk 1.2 miles. It seemed to me that they want to put him off before he even gets there. Anyone else been sent such early appointment and in different area?

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  • Hi, from what I have read in papers, television, on line and Google, this isn't an isolated case and if you google it I'm sure you would find hundreds and hundreds of stories like this and the upset it is causing.


  • If he's happy for you to call the DWP on his behalf & you're prepared to do so then inform them of his predicament & request an alternate date. As for location of assessment centres I've read of members here being given an appointment at assessment centres which are a trek & they've enquired if there is one closer to where they live & been either assessed at home or been given a closer assessment centre. In fact a while after I had my face to face I found out from a member who lives in my area that I could probably have been seen closer to home but of course it was too late then. Actually it wasn't that much further away though it did mean we had an earlier start because of morning motorway traffic but my h was driving & we claimed travel expenses. From past experience (for insurance medicals & the like) I think what happens is they input the claimants address on Google maps or similar for the closest centre but of course that's not always reality mileage wise, these routes often give mileage as the crow flies & in actual fact can be further by road or motorway.

    Anyway, i hope your friend recovers quickly & if you do contact the DWP on his behalf there is a closer centre for his assessment or considered for an assessment at home. Seems they've just ignored or overlooked his hospital stay dates, not that I think there's any excuse for that though.

  • His situation should enable him to request a home assessment a letter from the GP or hospital would help with this

  • Hi, I was sent an early appointment for a venue over 20 miles away when I requested a home visit which seemingly they do not do unless you are totally housebound. I called them and said I could not make it due to time and distance and I got later time at a more local venue I do think they do it to put you off. The next appointment was at a gym which I was disgusted by I arrived at a gym where people were watching while they worked out and I was wheeled in in my wheelchair. I have since had my results which did not reflect what was discussed and I am now in process of appealing. I hope it goes better for your friend.

  • Thank you for your replies, I am not optimistic at all - just going on line, I can see there are 3 venues much closer to home. Seems a hap hazard way of doing things. As you say dmc12, I think it is designed to deter you. My friends have suggested to me that I should apply for pip, I don't think I will be doing if this is how it is going to be.

  • The nearest centre is 6.2 miles away, why sent him to one over 30 miles away at 09.10 am in the morning - is it just another test?

  • Just out of curiosity and nothing at all related to the OP question, apologies, but do people who go for these interviews record them on their phone? I live in Australia and I have taken to recording everything where I deal with government. I can then play it back to them at their leisure when they argue. I just say at the beginning of the appointment, "for your information I am recording this so that I have a record of our discussion........"

  • Hiya SOM. This link by the company who I was assessed by explains 're recording atoshealthcare.com/pip/faq_...

  • That is truly disgusting abuse of power. They can do anything they like and you guys are powerless unless you have a dual recorder with you. I would be writing to you MPs to get that changed

  • you need to phone and ask for home visit. It is done deliberately. It goes against you if you accept the above times and distances. :( :( :(

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