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Bunion op? To do or not to do?

Hi all , just after some experience if any one has any?

I've developed a massive RA bunion on my left foot, smaller one on right and although I've always had wide feet and already wear wide shoes I'm still getting 'blue' & painful joints after walking/gym.

When I last went to Consultant last week took a glance at my feet & seemed to gloss over them... Would he ignore them because it's such a risk to have them seen too??

I'm at Kingsmill in Mansfield on MTX SFZ & hydroxychloroquine



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Having had a bunion removed, in tandem with the next toe being straightened, I would advise caution. If the pain is unbearable, and affecting your mobility, it might be worth being referred to an orthopaedic surgeon. I am having the same problems on my other foot, but will do anything I can to avoid surgery again, I have constant pain in the foot that was operated on, and have discovered that this is quite common, as there are so many tiny nerves in the foot Wouldn't want to scare you, just think you need this sort of information so that you can make the appropriate decision. Good luck anyway, hope you get some relief soon. M x


Hi Sara

I had both mine done about 3 years ago ( not at the same time!) and I'm delighted with the result. I have wide feet and the bunions predate RA. They always caused problems when buying shoes and would rub. It was painful but not as bad as I expected and walking is challenging for the first week or so. There are days when they ache still but still much better than before.

I was warned to make sure the surgeon was not just an orthopaedic surgeon, but one who specialised in feet.

I should mention that my RA is well controlled on hydroxy plus mtx , this may have helped .



Hi Sara. This is a difficult one as everyone's experience is different as the above replies suggest. I too have painful bunions but will hang on as long as I can before surgery. As for your experience with Consultant which I presume was a Rheumatologist, it seems that although we all experience sore feet they aren't included in DAS scores. I don't know why!

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