Swimming really is good excersize when in a RA flare

Spent this hot day enjoying our little boat on the Pacific coast line celebrating my husband's 52nd birthday. As the two of us sailed around a cove, we heard a loud deafening blast....Well I jumped up and fell off our little boat into the cold water of the Pacific ocean!!!...OMG...as I rose to the surface of the water I realized how soothing swiming was on my swollen joints!!! My husband was frantic until I told him I was fine.... I must admit it was difficult trying to get back on the boat with my swollen hands....lol

The loud blast was fireworks!!! My husband shares his birthday with Canada.

Take care


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  • That sounds wonderful. I swim & do aquafit as long as I don't over do it it's been ok. The suns shining here today but I don't think that for long 😒.

  • The weather here is beautiful. Hot and sunny 26 celsius near the Ocean.

  • What a happy accident. I have a wonderful picture of your life now with the boat. I've always heard swimming is good for taking weight off your joints. I hope the good effects continue to give you relief

    Best wishes from your English friend 🇬🇧

  • Hi Terri. I was surprised at how easy it was on my joints. I have gained weight since this diagnose as I spent all my energy struggling to continue to work.

    James and I have been together for 30 years and we spent our summers on paddle boats and canoes in our youth. We love the ocean! When I was diagnosed with RA, we bought a small motor boat .

    I love the ocean and I love boating, but I really miss the paddle boat. It's like cycling on top of the water. Great fun and excersize!!!

  • I bet swimming in the Pacific is lovely (are there sharks though). But we have chilly North Sea which is best just to be watched

  • Thank God where I live there are no sharks!!! I live too far north from where they are. They live along the Oregon and California coast line...Though I did read something about climate change and a great white shark being spotted off Washington State pacific coast line....

  • I do aqua aerobics once week.. warm water and this new pool is not warm for swimming is lovely my old gym had a pool almost as warm as a hydrotherapy pool. for all you guys sorry seem to have two profiles this is my old email address, could get my provider to get their broad band hub working.. so sacked them in the 14 day period.. this is alison.. new profile is summer 32A.. as email address is different, but confusingly both accounts still work.

  • hello Alison. I think I will join aqua aerobics. I've always loved swimming, but I stopped once I got diagnosed. All my energy was around working at my job and it really drained my energy. Now that I'm off working, I will start swimming or doing what I can in the water.

    take care


  • I have found swimming great, as long as the water is warm. Problem is getting dressed afterwards, in cold inconvenient changing rooms. Am going to experiment with pullon warm clothes, and changing at home!! Enjoy!!! M xx

  • The bliss of being in the water helps to get me to the aquafit class on Monday mornings at 8.30am. I know that this isn't early for those swimmers who start in the pool at 6.30 when it opens, but for me, especially when I'm having flare, it's a major achievement!

    I wear loose clothing - sweat pants and a pull on top - and used not to bother with putting on the underwear that I take with me, as that's a real struggle. But i have found that the others in the class will often offer to help me do up the bra and pull up the pants when I'm struggling. They are a lovely bunch.

  • Since I moved to Canada I joined a aqua fit class and found it really helped. The water was cold when we first got in but the instructer soon got us warmed up and even if I was in a flare up I felt much better afterwards. I am looking for another class as this is finished until September.


  • Suzanne see the podcast on You Tube with Clint Paddison and Wimm Hof about the effects of cold water immersion on RA. 😊

  • Will do Basalt 2016

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