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methotrexate increase

Hello, I have just had this medication increased and I am now on 20mg. Will it take time to see the benefit or will it work quicker as already on this medication. I was on 15mg before and have been on that for 20 weeks. I found benefit after a few months. I was also able to decrease my steroid daily amount and now hopefully this mtx increase will help me decrease it further whilist keeping symptoms at bay. Many thanks.

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My experience of increasing MTX is that it's only a few weeks before benefits are noticed, certainly by my second fortnightly bloods Lou. Unfortunately it also has a negative effect on my liver, my levels rise so three times now I've had to reduce from 20mg back to 17.5mg. I find it surprising that just that 2.5mg reduction makes such a difference though of course doesn't keep the disease in check. Hopefully you'll not react similarly or if you do can change to injections as less of the med is lost than on tablets & often a slightly lower dose does the trick. x


I'm in the same boat - I've just increased from 20mg to 22.5mg. Had to have a blood test after two weeks, and when I rang for my results yesterday my GP wants to talk to me which I guess means my liver is struggling again (ongoing problem).

I was in remission for about 18 months and soooooo look forward to getting there again. My consultant has written to my GP saying start on Sulfasalazine if the MXT isnt cutting the mustard!

Good luck to you with your MXT. It's a poop of a drug, but when it works it is worth every side effect 😀


Sorry for late reply JEM, been having problems with the site & just catching up. I hope all's well, you've seen your GP & your liver's not been bothered too much.

Sounds like you may be in the same boat but we do need to make sure our livers as content. I recently had SSZ added, in fact have my last new drug fortnightly bloods on Wed but not responded too well to it. I hope if you do need to start it you react positively, even go into remission again, that would be great!

MTX has been a very good med for me, I'm always disappointed when it doesn't suit someone. I do hope this isn't the beginning of the end. :(

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Many thanks for your replies. I will have my blood test in about a weeks time, and been told every two weeks for six weeks and then back to monthly again. The liver comments much apprciated as forgotton about that. Must say still feeling a bit yeuky since my increase, I took tablets Monday and folic acid every day until Sunday. Still early days and once my body adjusts again hopefully it will all settle as well as last time. I was just thinking about how informative these posts are and we are so lucky to live in times where the internet can help us. I expect it also reduces calls to our rheumy nurses because some of the questions answered here are so clearly put and knowlagable too. xx


Have to say that for me - the gastric symptms settled down after a few weeks on 15mgs tablets of Methotrexate .... But then the dose was increased to 20mgs!!! And they were back with a vengeance despite Folic Acid!!! Gave it 3 weeks but Rheuatolgist advised injecting said Methotrexate - which resolved all the gastric nastiness!!! Oh! Deep joy!! It's just a shame that the Methotrexate And Hydroxyclriquine aren't quite getting control so will be adding in a Biologic - interesting times ahead!!!


Thanks Peejay, The rheumy nurse did say to call back if not settled after a period of time and would look to suggesting injections. Just have to wait and see what comes my way these next few weeks. Last seven days not that good. Hope Biologics does the trick for you and good luck.


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