im in a bit off a dilemma what to do,i currently get pip and standard in care component and standard in mobility as well,but my mobility is worse now and i can barely walk plus i cant plan a journey now as im also having memory problems and i think i should be in the enhanced rate in mobility. my award is due for review in 2018 and im frightened if i ring them i maybe be worse off, but my health is went down hill since 2014 and ra and oa still active so dont know what to do for the best

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  • As you have realised, you will be completely reassessed, and therefore run the risk of losing your PIP or having to go through all the processes of appeal to get what you are entitled to. I have been in a similar situation, and I had a long hard think about what difference it would make to me to have the higher award, and in the end decided that I would wait until my current award was due for renewal (which wasn't as long as you will have to wait). You may decide differently, but it really is up to you whether you try for a reassessment or not. It may help to read through all the advice on applying for PIP again, so you can be very sure that you do actually meet the enhanced criteria, as they are very strict on that.

  • Aye I've seen a lot off people lose their enchanted rate so I think I will leave it as it is xxx

  • Tell them that and they will send you a new pack to fill in and tell them how bad you are darling.xxxx

  • Hi popsmith

    From what you have said in previous posts you are struggling with pain and that is affecting your mobility more and more.

    It might help you make a decision if you took some advice from CAB.and I believe there are probably a few other organisations that could be of some help.

    Or what about a chat with your GP or rheumy team next time you see them, they must of seen a change in your condition and how it is affecting you.

    It is dreadful that this benefit was introduced to assist people who needed it, but since the change to PIP and the strangle hold on the Welfare Budget. People in need are frightened to claim despite a change in their needs

    All the best


  • I'm giving my Rheumy a ring in a we while as I've been waiting since Febuary to see if my funding for Biologics is any further forward because it's a waist of time taking the mtx , sulfazalasine and hydrocloroqine as they are not making a blind bit of difference and I can't wait until August for my next app as I'm in agony all over

  • as you know I am still waiting for my biologics to start , I have been phoning the team on a regular basis for updates. And had three different stories of my file going missing. Finally last week I heard my funding has been agreed but I am still waiting to hear from the health team for a delivery and training date. But it took a lot of phone calls and pushing. I am not even border line on the criteria my DAS it Is way over the 5.1. And some days, like you I just could not be bothered to chase it, I was in to much pain and had no energy.I really hope you get some positive news today.

    I take hydroclorquine and other drugs and they do nothing for the pain.When I queried continuing. I was told to keep taking it as it would help when I started on the CIMZIA.

    All the best hope you get some positive news today. Why is it taking since Febuary.?


  • I phoned the consultants secretary. Yesterday and she said I will be getting screened in the next couple of weeks and I've to get a steroid injection to tide me over , just as well I phoned as I think you have to keep pushing them to remind them

  • I totally agree, but you have been waiting since February and that seems an awful long time. Lets hope the screening process is quicker.

    Hope the steroid injection is working.

  • cab dont deal with pip any more im going threw welfare rights about it atm

  • Thanks for up dating me Tina.CAB were probability inundated.

  • ask them for a home visit, if u do ask for early assessment , its all so different now to what it was, just hoping my appeal goes well, but wait to see what welfare rights say when i see them on the 15th june x


  • ok good luck fingers crossed xxxx

  • I in the same position and dial gave me advice I know you are to inform DWP of changes this will trigger reassessment I am awarded till 2017 but can be assessed from June 2016 so they advised me to wait you can loose your claim or they could increase it such a lot of people are loosing out

  • Hi, it's so difficult to make a decision about whether to rock the boat or not! I agree that if possible you should try to get advice from CAB or a similar agency before you decide. Also there's a very good website called Benefits And Work that has loads of excellent advice and brilliant guides to filling in forms, how to handle assessments and the appeals process etc. There is a smallish subscription to get some of the info but I found it invaluable when I was being assessed for support group for ESA.

    If you do decide to go ahead, definitely have someone with you and ask to have the assessment recorded.

    Best of luck with it!


  • I don't really understand what you're asking me? I'm a real person with RA who's been on benefits for years. I used the website I mentioned and found it really helpful so I thought I'd pass on the info. I get DLA at the moment and don't want to ask for a reassessment myself because I'd have to go on to PIP and I'm scared I might not even get it, so that's why I said it's difficult to know whether to rock the boat.

  • attatel everyone is being taken off dla and you have to re aply and its called pip, i dont no if they are doing it by alferbet or age, but they will get to you

  • Yeah, I know. Dreading it. :-(

  • wish u all the luck in the world with it hun, i was on high dla both mob and dis when i ad my reveiw for pip i was knocked of mob fully and got the standard dis, joke, my health has more than worsened in every way, but the so called woman who done my accessement was a joke, she asked questions in a way i was only to answer yes or no, soo cudnt give the answers i needed to and she told blatent lies , i am appealing atm but only time will tell, lost my bus pass so dont ever leave house any more, didnt use it often as dont go out but come in handy when i needed to go somewhere

  • so sorry to hear that good luck with the appeal, let me no how you get on tinaparkii

  • Hi,

    If you go for the reassessment option I would be sure to have someone with me.

    All the best


  • Yes that is the problem I am genuine as well but it doesn't matter with these people who do the assessment they just want to cut as much as they can and when genuine people with disabilities go they are the ones that suffer

  • oh god im scared now, someone is comming to my house on the 9th to assess me, now hearing this oh. i saw in the papper april somewone had leeked a letter, it said the goverment was going to make the tribunral so expensive so nobody would bother

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