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Have been told I have to go back under supervision for blood tests at the hospital instead of local surgery due to high readings on liver. Have been told if I get 4 weeks of consistent results they will put me back on Sulphsaldine rang to say I have to return there for weekly blood tests. Told them I am away next week so going tomorrow. Said unlikely I will be put back on medicine causing the liver problem (Methotroxate) and just stay on the other one. Blood tests have to be consistent for four weeks before resuming other. At least they now seem to be addressing the problem. Since coming off the Methotroxate I had headaches for a few days but now feel as though a fog has lifted. Mentally I feel wonderful and seem to have a lot more energy. Am not constantly tired out after taking tablets. Just wonder what they might suggest next and will certainly be asking a lot more questions about side affects.

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They might put you on biologics

Once methotrexate affected my liver I cannot take the smallest amount without my liver going bad

Biologics are good once you find the one that works well on you

I am on rituximub, but also take hydrox and sulfrasine daily 😊

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There are some other DMARD's they may try or depending on what you have already tried and your joint count you may qualify for biologics (for me these have far less side effects than the DMARD group). Of course each rheumy department have their own protocol for the order in which drugs are tried/offered. NRAS or arthritis research websites both have drug information on them. Everybody reacts differently to these drugs so there is no easy way to work out the best for you. Farm

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