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Quick question

Hi guys,

Just a quickie to say that in a brief moment of respite while caring for my poor Mum who had emergency surgery three weeks ago.

I am sat here in her living room while she is having her pre bedtime doze. 

Just noticed that my left foot is double the size of my right foot! 

Obviously been non stop since 0630 looking after Mum but do you think it's probably in relation to my left wrist flaring?  Sort of like a left hand side thing going off? 

The big left foot doesn't hurt.

Doc started me on Naproxen on Monday could it be a side effect? 

Any pearls of wisdom gratefully received, all you insomniacs feel free to answer during the night xxx

Thank you in advance.


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Hmmm, could just be that you've been on your feet too much today - and probably most likely, as looks more ankle fluid puffy swelling than RA joint swelling to me and it doesn't hurt.   But do just check your calf for any pain there, or signs of hot pinkness, just in case early sign of DVT.  And if so, or it doesn't go down tomorrow, then go to GP. 

Hope you can keep your feet up now tho'. 


Thanks Helix

I agree with you completely. I reckon it's just over exertion. My left side is definitely flaring so that might have an effect down into the left foot.

I'm on the case regards DVT as I have to be aware of this regards my job.

So kind of you to respond. Most grateful.



Just gonna get Mum settled down and then both my feet fat and thin will be as elevated as can be! 



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