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Back problem

Hello peeps,I suffered a vertebral compression fracture about 3months ago, caused by a coughing bout when I had a bad chest infection,I also have bad osteoporosis which doesn't help things,my question is, has anyone had surgery for this?i have read that they can put a surgical cement into the gap to fill the space in the vertebrae, it's fairly non invasive,keyhole surgery.i don't like the thought of back ops, but can't stand this back pain  forever more,any suggestions would be appreciated.xx

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Hugs darling and i am sorry you are suffering like this. I don't know about this surgery. Big gentle hugs ferom me.xxxxx

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Hi Rosebaywillowherb,

There may well be some members of HU on here who have had the procedure as we do have many people with RA who have osteoporosis as well.  However it may also be worth contacting the National Osteoporosis society as well to see if they can put you in touch with anyone who has gone through it or can talk you through the procedure. 

Kind regards


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