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Faulty Metoject Pens

I had two Metoject pens that jammed last week -I couldn't press the button down to release the needle.  I took one of the pens to the surgery and a nurse there couldn't use it either - proof it wasn't me and my RA hands.

This week, 3 pens jammed and the third I thought I received some of the injection and the rest spilled on my leg, chair and floor.  I now think the needle didn't release far enough to pierce my skin and I didn't receive any MTX.

The Surgery/Pharmacy are arranging for a different batch (two different batches above).  Has anyone else had faulty Metoject pens recently?

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I had just the one a couple of months ago, however much I pressed it just wouldn't release the needle so I tried another which did work & took the faulty one back to my chemist. The Pharmacist returned it to the supplier & a replacement was given. I've not had any problems since. Sounds as though you had a faulty batch.


That sounds similar to the problems I've been having.  Living in a village, I'm not sure if there's anyone else using Metoject, so maybe I'm getting all the faulty ones.  I believe there's only one manufacturer GmBH, I telephoned them earlier this week, they took details and are sending paperwork to my pharmacy and will test the pens when they get them back. 

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This happened to me about 3 months ago....the MTX ran all over my stomach. I took it into the hospital where I get my supplies, but don't know what if anything happened about it. First time I have ever had a problem. My x


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