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Hip/groin pain update

Further to my hip/groin pain as you so kindly advised I rang the Rheumy Nurse yesterday and had hip/pelvis x-rays done but won't know the results for about a month.

However, being having stomach pains for a while too and got worse today saw the doctor on an emergency appt.  He thinks it's a gastric infection, I'm seeing him again after our holiday.  Never rains but it pours!  Hope he's right and the Lansoprosol(?) starts working so I can have a good time away.  

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I just replied on your previous post - grateful to read it and the replies too as I have the same just now and the pain is so awful it's driving me mad - I'm struggling to walk anywhere and it worsens over the day. I'll look out to see the results of your X-Ray. I'm away from home just now so I'll have to wait to request one myself. 

Best of luck with Lansopersole - I've had a lot of tummy troubles too but Lansoperazole didn't help so I've been referred to a gastroenterologist for urgent colonoscopy and consultation now. Not sure if these problems are connected but probably just coincidence I'm guessing. I do have arthritis in a few places so I'm guessing my hip has just joined in because my gait isn't great. 


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