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Sinister disease development??😞😞

Hi all, I was diagnosed with RA about 3 years ago and am n 40 mg hydroxy X 2 a day.  Normally my Flares have been in one joint at a time, only lasting maximum 24 hours, but a scale of 10 on a 1-10 scale.  However more recently I have had lower lever pain (5/6) bug in numerous joints lasting weeks. For the last 3 weeks it has been my wrists, fingers, elbows, shoulders and neck. Almost feels as if inflammation flowing through me constantly. Even keeping still doesn't help. I am now wondering if this is a development of the disease. Has it moved to another level and this is now going to be constant pain!!😞😞😞 I really hope not! Any advice, experiences welcome!! 

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Keep a diary and take photographs of any swollen and inflamed joints so you can discuss with your rheumatologist, have you an appointment with them soon?

Are you having regular blood tests? The CPR level will show the inflammation

levels in your body.

Hope your flare passes soon they are painful and hard to live with.


RA does change over time, and the drugs don't cure it but just slow it right down.  So it could just be a temporary flare or it could suggest that your disease is getting a bit more active. Either way you need to discuss with your docs, so I second Smithfields advice to keep a record.  

But don't worry that you'll be in this level of pain forever.  Hydroxy is the mildest of the treatments so if this has been enough to keep your RA under control for 3 years that's a good sign.  There are many other treatments that are likely to work for you as well. 


You possibly need a drug review.  Sometimes when the disease is active it does feel that it is travelling around your body and you wonder which part will be affected next.   If your next appointment is not soon perhaps a call to your rheumy nurse for their advice.  Farm


I'm thinking along the lines of Farm & maybe a drug review is needed. It could either be a flare in which case possibly a steroid injection or course of oral steroids could help or it's possible HCQ alone isn't enough for you. It was my first DMARD as I only had inflammation in my feet so started on it being a less harsh med & my Consultant preferring the softly softly approad & it worked for just under a year before it became less effective. I then had to add another DMARD so you've done quite well to have 3 years without additional treatment. That could be due to the disease being caught reasonably early & not requiring aggressive treament or you've been fortunate & been well controlled. The disease does fluctuate though but if it's constant then maybe you're just not well enough controlled any more. One thing though, it's normal with HCQ to be prescribed either 200mg or 400mg daily, sometimes depending on your height & weight the lower dose is recommended but 40mg twice a day is unusual. You are taking the prescribed dose aren't you? 

Are you due to see your Rheumy or nurse any time soon? I've had a review today & needed to add another DMARD though I've not flared, it's been a gradual increase in overall inflammation. Try not to worry, I think we can all relate to how you feel & be assured something can be done so if you aren't due to see your Rheumy or nurse give your Rheumy helpline a ring & hopefully they'll see you quickly.

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