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Trout pout

Hello everyone,this might make you smile, last night I had a yogurt,I had mistakenly bought probiotic yogurts, which I've never had before,about an hour later, I glanced in the mirror, to discover my lips had swollen to resemble the famous Leslie Ash trout pout( also reminiscent of those bright red plastic lips you got in a Jamboree bag,anyone remember those?)I obviously had an allergic reaction,and on looking up, found people with suppressed immune systems can get this,so be warned if you don't want ,or do want an instant free big lip job, steer clear of these yogurts,ps lips still big this morning.x

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Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Sorry shouldn't laugh.xxxx


That's ok, sylv, I laughed myself,swelling going down a bit now.x


How long did the swelling last? did you take medication?

There is salicylate  in many products. This is not very clearly stated. some time this is called aspirin allergy! It appears that you now have to be very careful on the food stuff you eat and drink.

My first reaction was 40 years ago, I take allergy medication every day to avoid any problems but some time some strong food stuff can have a go on my lips and mouth!!!


Bet you can't get no satisfaction Mick ! Lol 

Hope they settle down soon or not if you like them xxx 😄


Lol. At least yours is temporary. Leslie still has her's!!!!!

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My first thought was well that's cheaper than botox (they do inject in lips don't they, not just the face?) but then I thought allergy. It could be worth investigating, who knows what else taken in greater quantity could cause the same effect or worse? We tried the little probiotic drinks when they first came out, mainly for my h who ha IBS... we stopped buying them after we found they didn't help.


Just think how much Lesley paid to get hers done and you did it for a fraction of the Cost! Plus the fact hers are not reversible unless she forks out another shed full of cash at least you get a taster for free.Try before you buy if you like.

Seriously though this doesn't sound right.Seems like you are allergic to something.

Hope your swelling has gone down now and all back to normal.



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