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On the subject of feet

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Morning everyone. RD seems to be attacking my ankles ( as if walking is not difficult enough) . They are also painful in the joint in the middle where my foot bends. Stairs are a nightmare!!

I have tried buying ankle supports but because my ankles are so swollen, even the large ones will not fit.

I am seeing the Chiropodist tomorrow so will seek her advice. But this group has a wealth of experience so thought I would ask here first.

Hope everyone is as well as can be.

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Hi Smithfield,

Have you tried soaking your feet in hot water and then gently bending them and rotating your ankle, this might help relieve the pain?

Alternatively try an ice foot bath to help with swelling ....it's not very comfortable at the start but can give relief.

Have you a TENs machine I know that this can relieve pain also?

Walk a bit, rest a bit, walk a bit, rest a bit ....doing this around the house will help everything keep moving.  The biggest danger is to stop walking altogether because it's more comfortable but the old adage is true ....if you don't use it you lose it.

Perhaps the Chiropodist will suggest other things and run what I've said past her/him to see if its okay for you to do these things.

You may have tried all of these but at the moment I can't think if anything else.

Hope it goes well tomorrow.

Luv Legs x

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smithfield in reply to LindaLegs

Thanks Lindalegs. Unfortunately cannot soak my feet at the moment as a bursitis on the bottom has burst and I have to keep the dressing dry.

Have tried ice packs with little effect except to numb it for a while.

Feet!!! X

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LindaLegs in reply to smithfield

Oh sorry Smithfield didn't realise your foot was dressed.

I agree 'Feet' .......and anything else which is hurting right now!

Luv Legs x

Can you buy ankle air casts where you live? These casts go under your heel and fit into your shoe. The plastic sides support your ankle with little air bags. Velcro straps fasten them.

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smithfield in reply to

Thank you susannedale.

They should ideal.Will Google..

The physio I see suggests that I tap/rock my feet up and down on a regular basis. This stimulates circulation and is supposed to help with inflammation.

Gently rolling a rolling pin along the floor (whilst sat down of course 😏) using the soles of your feet will deliver a light massage and may offer some relief.


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smithfield in reply to Ali_H

Hi Ali yes I do that ( with my bottom firmly on a chair 😨). And it does offer some relief from the feel of the tightening tendons.

Have not mastered the art of rolling pastry at he same time.! X

When my ankles are badly swollen, I raise the foot end of my bed by putting a pile of pillows under the mattress so my legs are raised. This is the only relief I can get and it worked a treat when I was cruising earlier on this year. I used the firm back cushions from the sofa in my cabin under the mattress which meant the foot end of bed was raised quite high and it took a few nights getting used to sleeping at an ankle but no swelling in the morning. Worth giving it a try! Good luck

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smithfield in reply to Braecoon

I have never thought of putting pillows under the mattress. Have tried them on top of the bottom sheet but they move or fall out at the bottom.

Ingenious the mattress would keep them lodged in place.

Thank you.

Have you/anyone tried one of those vibrating foot massager things that Ian Botham advertises?

Not sure mine is the one Ian Botham advertises but I have one . Do not find it very helpful but then I have no feeling in my legs from the knees down. Not sure if this would impact on it's effectiveness. 

Hi Saw my lovely podiatrist this afternoon. Bursitis on sole

 is finally showing signs of healing.Some good news for a change.

And she is going to refer me to orthotics for assessment for ankle support and shoes.

Not sure how long the assessment will take to come through but again good news.

Thank you all for your really helpful advice and tips which I am following

Hope everyone has a good weekend and that Cathie's knee surgery went well.

Not sure why my phone is putting gaps in the wrong places possible reflection on my brain fog.

Hi, just read your post, you've had some good advice. Elevating the leg is good and it should be above heart level for best results. 

I was told to roll a tennis ball under my foot, it's softer than a rolling pin. Also a good ankle exercise I was given was to write the alphabet with the foot because it uses the full range of ankle movement. 

Have you thought of using tubigrip because it comes in sizes bigger than the usual ankle supports.  I recently had problems with my ankle as a result of my foot readjusting following foot surgery so ankle supports weren't any use because they finished just at the end of the scar. So I had tubigrip from end of toes to my knee!!  But it worked a treat 😄

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