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I am 55, have had RA for 25 years now, I am taking 10mg prednisone daily and Humira biweekly. In the past I only had to see my Rheumatologist at the most 4 times a year. I am now on Medicare and my Rheumatologist insists on seeing me every 6 weeks. I feel that the only reason is to bill Medicare as much as possible. What do I do, this is a financial burden on me as well as Medicare.

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I'm on the same with a few extras but only see my RA specialist once a year with the RA nurse in between Ive had RA and fibro for 30 years now , it does seem a bit excessive if everything is ok with you and your bloods show everything is working well too I wish I had an answer for you   . But I think I ask the Rheumatologist why they think it's needed ?    X Dawn 


I see what you mean, it does seem somewhat suspicious. If you're doing well & nothing's changed (apart from your medical insurance), why, when your Rheumy's considered you have only needed see him 4 times a year have things changed. I would ask directly why you're now to be seen every 6 weeks. I used to be seen every 3 months when I lived abroad, under the country's health service & I think that was just right, as was seeing the same Consultant each time & it was certainly preferable to here where I see my Rheumy once a year, a Registrar inbetween & Rheumy nurse appointment if I need it... but every 6 weeks? I don't think that's necessary so as I said I would ask why. It will be interesting to know what he says!


If they are insisting you see him every six weeks and you think it isn't necessary, then contact a health services advocate and get their assistance to challenge that.   


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