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Prescription Charges on the up, again!


As of today (1st April 2016), prescriptions charges in England have risen again and patients will now be charged £8.40 per item.

NRAS is campaigning for RA, JIA and other long term conditions to be added to the medical exemptions list. You can find out more, in text or video form here:

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Its outrageous that people have to pay anything. What does Theresa May have to say about it?

Hidden in reply to cathie

That's just what I was thinking have a word with there mate

smithfield in reply to cathie

You took the words out of my mouth Cathie.

And still you have Theresa May as a patron? It's absolutely sickening!!!!

hatshepsut in reply to woodstar1

Agreed. Have you seen Private Eye? A friend sent it to me....NRAS and Theresa  May get a very reasoned and informative expose. What a pity that there is no defence possible. They make it very clear what an isolated stance NRAS have taken about the now abandoned  changes to PIP assessments...........unfortunately  still no statement admitting their error.    Can we trust that they will fight our corner in the future? At present silence is the stern reply.....not good enough! !!

Just read it!!!! Love Private Eye!

I know the whole system needs looking at as according to my GP when the list was worked out only conditions listed were those that  were a threat to life and the prescribed medication was a substitute for  naturally occurring substance. Hence I'm exempt  as my thyroid failed years ago. So the Levothyroxine I need is exempt and so all scripts are free. It should be much fairer although I'm not complaining,  but one important thing is too know the true cost of medication, my private scripts for  MTX cost £9.00 for 2 months supply. I no longer take it but it would be cheaper to buy a script for two months than  it appears to have one to be filled on the NHS monthly. 

And that begs the question are scripts being issued monthly for the financial benefit of the NHS. I don't know if that is the case but it must be a possibility. 


cathie in reply to medway-lady

Yes I also benefited (?) from a failed thyroid. I agree about the cost of medicines but that is about the manufacturers making dizzy profits which ought to be sorted by a major buyer like the NHS. It'd help if a lot of ex MPs/ministers werent linked to private healthcare companies. I think, comparing a relative's experience in having a knee replacement privately, that she was given expensive drugs for blood thinning whilst I managed OK with just aspirins. There were other aspects of the procedures she had which were needlessly expensive.

I've got a bit of a conscience about the amount of free medicine I get here in Scotland. Paracetamol was on my list but I tend to get it over the counter rather than on prescription as I can afford it. Others cant.

I'm rabbiting, sorry!

medway-lady in reply to cathie

No I agree I take Riveroxaban a new one for blood, its not cheap but I'm worth it !! lol Makes me cross that its an issue not been looked at for many many years and it is not fair and I have insurance too  ! 

The awful thing for me is the money being sent abroad for purchasing medication. My Riveroxaban is from America, the Riveroxaban from France/Poland and Germany ! where is the British Pharmaceutical industry nowadays. The huge Pfizer plant in Thanet closed 2 years ago and the one in Dartford, seems just wrong !

Wow that's not bad. In Australia I am paying an average of between $37 and $40 odd dollars per prescription. As I take an average of 6 meds a day it adds up when I do my monthly prescriptions. I feel even sorrier for those in the US who do not have medical coverage they would never be able to afford them.

That's exactly why we need to look after and keep our amazing NHS, folk would literally die without it!! I do feel for others in the world that have to go without or suffer due the lack of cash, its disgusting.

Move to Wales

Campaigner in reply to jointpain

I agree.

In good old Wales we are very fortunate to have a forward looking Welsh Assembly.

Prescriptions are free for all.

Hospital parking is also free

I get mine free because of diabetes and dementia, if I did have to pay I wouldn't ever get any prescription because the amount of Medes I'm on I could never afford it, personally England should look towards getting free prescriptions, Wales has the right ay FREE.

In Ireland we pay a max of   €144 per family per month for all prescription medication. 

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