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E.S.A and P.I.P

Moring all, it,s rant time my ESA did not go into my bank today so I phoned the benefits department and was told it had been stopped because I have changed address and I needed to speak to them to let them know that my circumstances had not changed. The person I spoke was very nice I told her that I was now married and as my wife is from Russia she is not entitled to any help from the money pot, she said that this might change my allowance and I would need to reapply for esa I asked why them she said that they had this information but no one had updated my file so I do not need to start again with my claim.

So esa sorted now DLA/PIP I had the brown envelope some time ago now and informed them that my address had changed so they sent my appointment to my old address so I did not go I got a phone call Atos ( the company doing PIP ) and I told them my address had changed and I had put this on the form only to be told that I had to phone there appointments department to make a new one. As she was going to phone them her self to tell them why I had not gone I said well can't you tell them of my change of address only to be told NO we can't do that. So Atos just sent all the forms back to DLA so they could call me and ask if I had changed address. After all this my ESA will be put into my bank today.

OK that's me done.

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Blimey, they don't half give you the runaround. I'm sure if there was a choice between easy and complicated they would always make it harder for us. Wishing you all the best with pip application


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