Dry mouth at night

I have a dry mouth (and eyes) anyway due to RA but a medication I'm on is making things crazy at night. I wake up and my mouth is sore, cracked and bleeding. It's dry as a bone. The skin is so sensitive that it must bleed a fair bit because I always wake up with blood smears on my pillow. It disturbs me as well during the night because I wake up very thrifty. I sip water but that makes me need to wee! I drink tonnes during the day but it makes no difference. I'm close to asking to change this medication but it really helps me not vomit at night, so it's not an easy decision.

What do you do? I have suggested having a family member wake every hour and spray my open mouth with water but funnily enough, they didn't agree. Can't think why!! ;)

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  • Hi Crashdoll,

    I use Xailin night for my dry eye and it helps greatly. Dry mouth is different and I don't suffer much from this but you might try mixing a teaspoon of honey (preferably manuka) in some warm water and sip it before bedtime - it may sooth the dryness.

    All the best


  • Sounds most unpleasant for you Crashdoll. I think you can approach this in a few different ways. As you've already considered question if there's an alternative anti-emetic of equal benefit which doesn't reduce or eliminate saliva or ask if you could be prescribed something like Biotène gel & apply before bed time & keep it by the bed so you can apply more if you wake. I have this particular one prescribed & it does help. Maybe also applying calendula cream, Sudocrem or a Vaseline type product on your lips & surrounding mouth area may help with the cracking & soreness? Probably best not to use your best pillowcases if you do try any of those though! Also, how about not brushing your teeth immediately before bed, try doing it half an hour or so before instead, toothpaste could add to any dryness the med is causing, & drink limited water afterwards.

  • That sounds painful I know your mouth can get dry if you sleep on your back with your mouth open I could be any medication you are on hope you get sorted soon

  • I have suffered with a dry mouth at night I think since the menopause but has steadily got worse over the last few years may be due to the RA - not sure. Anyway I put on lots of lip balm before bed. I have also changed the mouthwash I have been using as my dentist suggested. Keep my bedroom cool and have a glass of water on my bedside table also some chewing gum but then have to watch I dont go back to sleep with it in the mouth.

    Medication must be one of the main causes though!

    Hope you can get it sorted sounds a nightmare compared to mine.

  • I also have this problem. I have allergies that block my nose, so I'm (for the most part), a mouth breather. At night I get a very dry mouth too. I drink lots of water during the day and a big drink with my sleeping pill at night but that doesn't help. I do have Sjogrens though, but I take 1 Pilocarpine a day. That med has helped my eyes not feel like I have sand or rocks in them but it hasn't helped my dry mouth that much.

    Once in awhile though, I have the opposite problem & drool all night. I can't explain that at all.

  • Hi crashdoll,

    I have had this for years and sipping water does nothing except as with you cause the extra nightly trips to loo.

    I find biotene gel helps a little,not huge amounts but enough to make a difference.I believe ts the secondary sjogrens to lupus and RA but happen with a lot of my immune friends.You can get it from chemist although I get mine on prescription through rheumy.

    Hope it helps cos the dry mouth and throat is awful.

    Ask Gp as if it is a sjogrens thing it can then cause gastric issues over time due to saliva glands playing up.

  • I have been excessively thirsty for years, long before diagnosis and meds. I have always drunk 2-3L of pure water each day, but I'm always thirsty. I've been tested for diabetes several times, since of course thirst is one of the symptoms, but my results are always normal. I have dry eyes and dry skin, too... It has always been a bit of a puzzle, but since my diagnosis 3-4 months ago, I must say I have wondered whether the thirstiness and RD are connected somehow... There certainly seems to be some connection, since if I don't drink enough in a day, my joints hurt more.

    I have no answers I'm afraid, but I have learned to manage the dryness by using aqueous cream on my face and lip-balm on my lips throughout the day and always as I go to bed. I drink water almost constantly through the day, and take a glass to bed. I always, always drink if I am thirsty, since hearing that you are already dehydrated by the time you feel thirsty, and that you should try to avoid it. I can't, but I do my best, though it does mean extra trips to the loo!

    If it's a new thing for you, Crashdoll, you should probably get it checked out. Your blood sugar levels and kidney function, particularly, are related to hydration. And the bleeding sounds particularly nasty!

  • I have sjogrens so I know how awful it is. I have salivax pastiles and artificial saliva from the Doctor. It helps as you can pop a pastile in and it helps straight away. I always use lipbalm but use apple cider vinegar (the one with the mother) for the cracks at the corners of mouth and as a rinse. I hope you can find some relief.

  • Hi, I have dry mouth too. it's so dry in the morning that it feels like you can file your fingernails on it. Like Sheepish I have started to use salivax pastilles as suggested by my chemist and they work well. I will get them on prescription the next time I see the GP.

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