TENS machine

Does anyone else use one? How often do you use it?

I have a mini TENS at home which I used following a very bad ankle injury (pre-RA). Since the onset of my RA, I've tried in on and off with limited success. It was suggested again recently and I've had it on my upper back and shoulders all afternoon. While it doesn't help direct joint pain, it does seem to be easing the muscle aches and tension. My pain levels have increased and I'm finding the painkillers are making me too drowsy to function, so I'm looking for other methods of pain management.

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  • Hi I had some tens sessions with Physio but didn't find it as useful as acupuncture. The acupuncture on my knees the Physio did lasted a good six months a few years ago xxx

  • I have one also and I only use it for muscular pains, from what I gather they are only meant to be used on muscles.


  • I purchased a "full body mat electric massager" and a "tens-machine" if I am honest neither did much good for me, both were purchased on the advice of my Rheumatologist, if either would be beneficial to you please contact me.

  • hi scorpius can you please tell me if you dont mind the cost of the full body mat as i have perifual neuropathy asthma fibromyalgia ,osteoarthritus rheumatoid arthritus and just ben diagnosed with tendinopathy in my shoulders arms lower back and hips i cant take medication bad side affects .i wish i could have a massage but my physio does not do them ,hope you dont mind me asking i am in so much pain ,

  • Hi Mason, Re the mat give me a call on 01 205 480093, I hope that does not contravene any H/U regulations.

  • Hiya Scorpius. I don't think you're actually breaking regs though it might be wise to only give personal info such as phone numbers, emails etc info on the private message option?

  • hi crashdoll i have ben diagnosed with tendanopathy its so painfulll i have it in my shoulders upper back my arms and hands a tens machine was mentioned but ime told they are expensive ,i have many health problems i did have acupuncture it did help at the time good luck .

  • Mason, when I purchased my new TENS unit in 2011, I bought it from Amazon and it was something like $75. Have you looked there?

  • Hi mason,

    Sometimes physio departments can loan you them, at least to see if it works. Is this an option for you?


  • I have a TENS machine. I got it many years ago before I had to have my first lumbar fusion. I wore it 24/7 on my lower back. It helped loads. It doesn't cure, but it did help with my pain. Flash forward 15 years and more back pain (next disc up from original fusion). I put the TENS unit on again. But this time, I had become allergic to the adhesive on the electrode pads. :-( I broke out in a horrible rash wherever I placed a pad. I was so upset! Because the TENS unit helped my pain so that I was able to work. Luckily, my second fusion was arranged much quicker than my original one, so after the fusion I didn't need it. If I were to try to use it again (maybe it would help this horrible hip pain from the flare I'm in...hmmmm), I would look for a new kind of adhesive pad that I wouldn't react to.

    Hopefully, your TENS machine will help you! Gentle hugs.

  • Oh no, what a shame that you developed an allergy. You can get different brands sticky pads but not sure if that would make any difference to you?

  • Tens machines have their uses, I bought one a short while ago £75, Powerful enough to move me ( 17 st ), I use it to break up the muscle tension in my shoulders and back, I find it beneficial, good luck.

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