Clear as mud!

I saw a different rheumatologist to my usual one today. It appears that they both seem to suffer from the same terrible affliction of not making much sense.

I was seen due to upper body muscle weakness and stiffness alongside nerve compression that had a fairly rapid onset a few months ago. She diagnosed 'chronic pain'. I asked if she meant Fibromyalgia (a diagnosis that has been suggested before) to which she replied that Fibromyalgia is......"pain without any cause. Your pain has a cause." Of course, the natural question that followed came from my Mum who I brought along for moral support. She wanted to know was RA the cause and if not, what was? The answer; your inflammatory markers are normal, try some physio sessions which is not an answer at all really! This is particularly true given that RA eroded my joints at a steady pace during the early course of the disease with only mildly raised inflammatory markers. She did asked if I was stressed. I was torn between telling her "I told you that I'm a social worker, I'm ALWAYS stressed!" and "well, I am now!!" but settled for a non-committal response. Soooooo, I'm still in the dark as I await neck MRI results and pray that they shed some light.

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  • Jee another non answer from a doc ! Good luck on the MRI that's where they found my problems xx

  • Hope the MRI shows the cause. Increasingly I wonder why these doctors do the job. I count myself very fortjnate with my team.... they're not perfect, but definitely better than most!

    Don't lose hope! M x

  • There was a programme on R4 recently about how physio can help with pain, which people think is related to joints but is actually not, rather tendons, muscles. It really might be worth trying physio, although NHS waiting lists are long. We're lucky to have a good and not too expensive one near us and she has made a big difference to me while I've been waiting for knee ops.

  • It was on 'Inside Health' presented by Dr Mark Porter and should be available as a podcast. It was really excellent.

  • I was thinking about this last night and I would have preferred her to say "I don't know". I say this a lot in my job and I know people appreciate the honesty. It builds trust and makes you feel like the professional has integrity.

    I will definitely go with physio. I have possibly found a local physio who is covered by my Bupa insurance policy. I'm on the NHS waiting list but I know it may take a while. In the mean time, I'm continuing to see my great osteopath.

    Thank you all. Xx

  • I was surprised by how much a good physio can do.

  • I wonder if I haven't come across right physio for me? I remain hopeful!

  • I see my physio for 45 mins every week - I was in a bad way! She gives my legs a massage for circulation and to keep the muscles supple. And she supervises the exercises I do, checking that I'm doing them and doing them right. She has experience of working in a NHS hospital and dealing with patients before and after surgery so she knows what they're looking for. She's in Edinburgh, I dont know where you are.

    Oh yes and she charges £30 for 45 mins which given how much she's helped is excellent value.

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